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  • The Breakdown Of Family In The Outsiders

    him tired and causes him to yell at Ponyboy (Tribunella “Institutionalizing” 7). They cannot just be brothers. Then Darry hits Ponyboy because he is mad. Darry is mad because Ponyboy was late, but he is also mad because he is scared of what could happen (Tribunella “Knowing” 69). Other members of the gang suffer because of their families. Johnny has suffered from both the Socs and his family. His parents abused him, and he was attacked by the Socs (Tribunella “Institutionalizing” 4). Johnny’s real parents beat him. Having his surrogate family is the only good thing in his life. Tribunella explains this: The parentless Curtis home is used as a kind of communal living space. Johnny, whose parents alternatively ignore and abuse him, is adopted as a pet by the other boys. “If it hadn’t been for the gang, Johnny would never have known what love and affection are,” thinks Ponyboy, and this is probably true for other boys in their immediate circle as well. (“Knowing” 57) Dally raised himself. His family did not care about him. He was very isolated except he really cared for Johnny (Inderbitzin 359). Dally even says in the book that his father would not care if he was in jail or dead or drunk. He says that it does not bother him. All the “real” families in the story had problems. The only family that cared about each other was the Greasers. The seven boys form a gang or surrogate family. Ponyboy, Darry, Sodapop, Dally, Steve, Two-Bit and Johnny are not just friends; they are a…

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  • Essay On That Was Then This Is Now

    In the book That Was Then, This Is Now by S.E. Hinton tells the story of two boy who have different points of view on the world. The two boys, Mark and Bryon, who where very close until the end of the book when Bryon turns Mark in for selling drugs. But before that the boys had two very different points of views on life. At the beginning of the book the two boys show no maturity at all. As the book progresses Bryon start to mature little by little. While Mark views and maturity levels stay the…

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  • That Was Then This Is Now Analysis

    That Was Then, This Is Now is a coming of age novel. Through constant trials and tribulations of life, Bryon learns that there is a limit to the loyalty he can provide to others. Bryon suffers through pain and problems that plague many readers as they grow into maturity. In this time period, gang violence was prominent. This relates to the authors, S.E Hinton’s, first novel The Outsiders. In the novel, gangs were an important part of society. People saw gangs as a comfort with the violent nature…

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  • The Character Of Bryon In That Was Then, This Is Now

    about cutting Angela’s hair off, he says “It was a rotten thing to do and I’m sorry.” This shows how responsible Bryon is. At one time, Bryon liked to hustle people, drink alcohol, get girls, and smoke cigarettes. He’s a pretty bad person. Although, Bryon grew up. At the end of the novel, Bryon states that he’s been getting straight A’s, studied constantly and doesn’t care about anyone or anything anymore. Bryon learned a thing or two from everyone. Mark, Cathy, M&M, his mother, Charlie,…

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  • End This Depression Now Analysis

    Austeriansis is the title of chapter eleven of the book End This Depression Now! written by the economist and Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman. In this chapter Paul Krugman analyzes the failing European respond to the European Financial Crisis. The lesson from the American Great Depression was clear: in times of depression states must act in order to implement expansionary fiscal and monetary policy. When the cash flow slows, states must act in order to restart the virtuous circle. Unfortunately, as…

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  • This Is Now Alex Katz Analysis

    and is where the artwork of Alex Katz’s exhibition, entitled “This Is Now” is currently being displayed. The exhibition will be at the museum from June 21-September 6 and has several of Katz’s best paintings that he has done throughout his career. The painting style used by Katz is figurative and flat using imagery to create vivid works of art. Katz’s is known for his flat landscape paintings that are on display in the exhibition, “Katz's monumental landscape paintings are executed in what is…

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  • End This Depression Now Summary

    The Answer to the United States’ Toughest Obstacle The Great Depression was a major turning point in United States history. The United States went into a major economic slump in 2008, leaving many people without jobs. Paul Krugman writes about the state of the economy after the depression and how to rebound from it in his book, End This Depression Now! In this book, Krugman talks about the result of the economy following the Great Depression. Krugman provides key suggestions and examples of…

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  • Bryon And Mark's Friendship In That Was Then, This Is Now

    In the novel “That Was Then,This is Now,” Bryon and Mark are best friends and over time they start drifting apart. Bryon and Mark has never had a fight before but everyone fights at some point in their relationship. They started drifting apart when they started getting in these arguments and they were still best friends. But not all friendships last forever. In Chapter 5, When Charlie died, Bryon felt responsible for his death. He couldn’t get over the fact that if he didn’t gamble with the men…

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  • Analysis Of End This Depression Now By Paul Krugman

    In the videos, “End this depression now”, part one, and, “End this Depression Now “, part two, Paul Krugman talks about the problems we face in today 's world, things that affect us or help us stay out of a depression. Honestly I am a bit surprised to hear that even though we have been out of a recession that ended in 2009, the United States still faces problem like being unemployed for more than one year, and for those who graduate, finding a job has not been easy. The reason I am surprised…

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  • That Was Then, This Was Now By S. E. Hinton

    People change even if they are the worst criminals in the world. In the book That was Then, This is Now by S.E Hinton the book is told by the main character, Bryon’s, perspective of the way things are for him in life with his “brother” Mark. Because of Mark’s crazy parents killing each other, Bryon and his mother allowed Mark to join their family. Bryon and Mark are mischievous and are continuing to grow up as atrocious boys. After a tragic death, Bryon is starting to care and become more…

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