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  • Jurassic Park Extinction

    “If The World Isn’t Broken, Don’t Fix It” In the movie, Jurassic Park, dinosaurs that were extinct millions of years ago were brought back to life. Imagine if our world was like the world in the movie Jurassic Park, where de extinction is reality. Although we do not have the ability to bring the ancient dinosaurs back, we can bring back recently extinct species using their preserved and complete DNA. While some may want to bring extinct animals back, they do not acknowledge what could go wrong, like the catastrophe that occurred in the movie, Jurassic Park. Although de extinction would be cool to see, we should not bring extinct animals back to life as it is difficult and dangerous, which can lead to major losses that can affect us and our world negatively. When scientists attempt to bring extinct species back, they would place the developing embryo in a surrogate mother. The vast majority of those pregnancies failed, and the few animals that were born had health problems ( For example, when scientists cloned Dolly the sheep, she was the only one out of two hundred thirty-seven eggs to have success ( That means that way more clones fail than survive, which is not a successful rate of de extinction. Even though Dolly survived, she suffered from severe arthritis and lung disease due to genetic mutations that occur during cloning and had to be euthanized at the young age of 6 years, which is half her species’ natural lifespan. So much time…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Wooly Mammoths

    passenger pigeon went extinct in 1914. Number Five: Bubal Hartebeest. A species of antelope, the bubal hartebeest was hunted for its meat. Unfortunately, the species could not cope with human hunting and entered extinction around 1954. Number Four: Javan Tiger. During the 19th century, the Javan tiger was king of the Indonesian island of Java. Humans eventually overtook the tiger's environment and cleared out everything on which the tigers depended. Number Three: Zanzibar Leopard. Extinct…

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  • The Real Reason Why People Poach Endangered Species By Kara Segedin's Article: Article Analysis

    The Other Side of Poaching Poaching has decimated endangered species and has driven certain animals to the brink of extinction. This form of hunting has caused animals like The West African Black Rhino and the Pyrenean Ibex to go extinct. Some believe people illegally hunt these animals for profit and sport; however, an article on the BBC puts this belief into question. In the article “The Real Reason Why People Poach Endangered Species” the author, Kara Segedin, states that some of the…

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  • The Endangered Species Act

    healthy. When they started dying out it was like a domino effect and it effected many other species and it killed lots too. “It also infected humans and it caused the rat and feral dog population rose up and took the spot of the vulture. Because of that numerous transmissible diseases like rabies, anthrax and plague, resulting in health costs around 34 billion dollars”(Dasgupta, Mongabay). We need to protect these species. We need to protect the species all around the world. We lost some great…

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  • Write An Argumentative Essay On Animal Cloning

    is the Chimera. Jones, David Albert Explains Chimeras like this. “In the science of genetics and within the context of biomedical research, chimera refers to particular kind of admixed organism. A chimera is an organism (including an embryo or fetus) that consists of cells from more than one organism.” The Chimera has the potential to improve the human race on a genetic level and possibly remove most if not all our physical flaws and some of our mental ones. Feats that are thought impossible…

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  • Animal Extinction Research Paper

    time the animals became protected. Besides for food, animals are also hunted down for their body parts, such as their fur or feathers, skins and horns. One example is the African elephant that is heavily hunted for its ivory tusks. Hunters are killing the righteous animals, cutting off their tusks and leaving the elephants there to rot and die, just to get money from merchants. The population went from many millions to a few hundred thousand. Today, elephants are protected, but poachers still…

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  • Ibex And The Frog Essay

    Caleb Heathershaw Dr. Aresco BSC1010C 15 November 2017 The Ibex and the Frog: Cloning to Save Species Species are going extinct every day. Although new species are being discovered, losing the old ones has consequences. One method scientists are considering to keep species alive is a process called cloning. There are many misconceptions about cloning, and this paper will seek to clear up the reality of cloning extinct and endangered species. Now, we’re not going to see any dinosaurs roaming…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Cloning Of Extinct Animals

    million years ago is challenging, the Jurassic Park dream is highly unlikely. The dinosaurs have really seen their last days (Jones), and maybe rightly so. Species that have been more recently extinct have a better chance for being revived (Jones). Other methods include selective breeding, giving a closely related modern species the characteristics of the extinct species, and genetic engineering, the editing of a modern species’ DNA to match the DNA of the extinct species (Sumner and Carey).…

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