Endangered Species Thesis

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Endangered Species Imagine the world where species are dying because they couldn’t find food because there food is extinct. The world would turn into chaos just because of one species. So if the government could save that one endangered species then we could stop the world from going into chaos.
Endangered species have a huge impact on the world and if they go extinct it can mess up everything. “Endangered species does not just refer to wildlife but rather any living organism whether in the air, in the sea, within the ground or roaming about the earth” (ProQuest Staff). There has been a lot of animals and plants on the endangered species list but only some animals make the list. To make the list the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has to say
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“Various factors contribute to a species becoming endangered including poaching, global warming, habitat loss, disease, pollution, and hunting and fishing” (Cathaleen). All of these are reasons why a species becomes endangered or extinct. To help endangered species from becoming extinct the United States signed a bill that is called the Endangered Species Act. This makes it so that the government has to take action and they have to help save the species. They have to put the species in a safe home and somehow make it so the species becomes not a threatened and endangered species of fish, wildlife or plants. Back in the 1990’s the South Asian Gypes “Vultures started dying out because of a drug that is given to livestock. Once the livestock died the vultures ate the carcasses and the vultures started dying of kidney failure” (Dasgupta, Mongabay). Vultures are scavengers and they keep our ecosystem clean and healthy. When they started dying out it was like a domino effect and it effected many other species and it killed lots too. “It also infected humans and it caused the rat and feral dog population rose up and took the spot of the vulture. Because of that numerous transmissible diseases like rabies, anthrax and plague, resulting in health costs around 34 billion dollars”(Dasgupta, …show more content…
We need to protect the species all around the world. We lost some great and very interesting. Some of the species we have lost are like the Mammoth, the dodo bird, saber tooth tiger and many more and those aren’t even the humans fault. The species that are extinct because of humans is the West African Black Rhinoceros, Pyrenean Ibex, the Passenger Pigeon, The Great Auk, The Bubal Hartebeest, The Javan Tiger, Tecopa Pupfish, The tsamaninan tiger, The Sea Mink, The Caribbean Monk Seal, and the Quagga. Some of these died a long time ago and were really weird or strange but they died when the early settlers came to America and they brought many diseases and killed lots of Native Americans. Well they just didn’t kill the Native Americans, they also killed the Species of animals. By disease and by hunting and killing them and selling them for money. We lost some beautiful species and now they are gone forever and there is no getting them back because of natural disasters and humans killing them and took their life and now there is no more on this

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