The Character Of Bryon In That Was Then, This Is Now

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Register to read the introduction… He comes from being a criminal, to a matured adult. At the beginning of the book, Bryon was self-centered. He only cared about himself and Mark, he didn’t care about anyone else around him, or what he did to them. Bryon always got into fights without a care in the world, and he always hurt innocent girls, by telling them he loves them without meaning. He was a player, but love struck him. Cathy changed him into a caring man. Who hates fighting, and hates criminals. Bryon becomes responsible. When The Shepards confront him about cutting Angela’s hair off, he says “It was a rotten thing to do and I’m sorry.” This shows how responsible Bryon is. At one time, Bryon liked to hustle people, drink alcohol, get girls, and smoke cigarettes. He’s a pretty bad person. Although, Bryon grew up. At the end of the novel, Bryon states that he’s been getting straight A’s, studied constantly and doesn’t care about anyone or anything anymore. Bryon learned a thing or two from everyone. Mark, Cathy, M&M, his mother, Charlie, Mike, Tim, Curly, and even Angela. He’s a mixture of all of their personalities. Life will never be the same for Bryon without Mark. He’ll always be left wondering. “What …show more content…
She got them to beat him up. The thing is; Mike doesn’t hate her, or any of the people who did it. Why?

2. Pg. 46, Mark: “Too bad she can look so good and be so rotten.” * This is sort of funny, because it’s kind of true. Some girls who look good, can be so rotten.

3. Pg. 58, Bryon: “Buddy boy, you are dead. You had just better make up your mind to that. When I get through with you, you are going to be dead.” * Bryon says this to the guy who clubbed Mark with a beer bottle. It shows how much he loves Mark, and what he’d do for him.

4. Pg. 68, Mark: “Do you ever get the feeling that the whole thing is changin’? Like somethin’ is coming to an end because somethin’ else is beginning? * This is important because this is where Mark and Bryon began to feel the change in their relationship.

5. Pg. 100, Bryon: “I wonder if when I get to be twenty, I would think about how stupid I was at sixteen.” * I like this quote because it’s true. When you look back at your past, you kind of wonder why you did certain things, and how stupid your mistakes seem.

6. Pg. 106, Mark: “Nothing bad happens to you when you’re a kid.” * True. Even when you commit crimes, the authorities always let you off with a

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