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  • 2.03 Lab Permeability

    now the scientific concepts of hypotonic, isotonic, and hypertonic. Hypothesis: For part 1 my hypothesis is: That the starch will diffuse across the plastic bag and react with the iodine and will have a color change to the water to imply the reaction happened. For part 2 my hypothesis is: that the potatoes will be hypotonic in the sucrose solutions, while in water the potatoes and sweat potato will be isotonic. Also the sweat potato, will be hypotonic. Procedure: For part one the control group is the plain bowl with water, and then the independent variable is the permeability of the plastic bag, and the dependent variable is the change of color in the water. Part 1: Cell Membrane and Permeability 1. Create a starch solution in a bowl or cup by one of the following methods: • Option 1. a. Add 1/4 cup cornstarch and 1/4 water into a bowl. b. Stir to mix. c. Add 1 to 1 1/2 cups very warm water (be very careful when working with hot water) and stir well. • Option 2. a. Boil a small potato in 2 cups of water b. Mash the potato c. After the potato cools, pour water over the mashed potato and strain the fibrous part out using a coffee filter. d. Be sure to cool to room temperature to avoid adding temperature as a variable. 2. Add starch solution: . Measure out 1 cup of the starch solution and pour carefully into one sandwich bag. a. Zip lock the sandwich bags tightly to prevent leaks-leaving some air in the bag above the starch solution. b. Test for leaks to ensure that…

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  • What Role Does Stikle Play In A Dictatorship

    something, and it had to be done immediately. He tried dressing as another star athlete. That did not work. He tried working out; jogging, lifting weights, running sprints. No success with that either. He even tried paying off his teammates so they would allow him to play. Of course, there was no chance at two plays with that strategy. Stikle was beginning to lose hope. Two evenings later, on Friday night - the night in advance of gameday, Stikle sat down to a dinner of fried,…

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  • The Science Of Sprouting Potatoes

    Sprouting potatoes When you think of a potato you think Yum!But ever wonder what the science behind What is a Potato? A potato is a oval shaped vegetable similar to a egg that comes in different many shapes and sizes.It is one of the main crops in the world.It grows well in cool places/storagesThey are also a memember of the night shade family which means they are not sweet like for example a tomamato.It was first domesticated by southern Peru and now is all over the world and…

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  • How Far Apart To Plant Potatoes Essay

    to grow them in your backyard, you don’t have to worry about it. Potatoes are very easy to grow. There are more than 500 varieties that you can choose from. You can produce more than 50 pounds of potatoes by just planting 2 pounds of potato seeds. It is important that you follow the required space before you start planting them. So, why is it important that you know how far apart to plant potatoes…

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  • Describe The Difference Between Pierogi And Non-Polish

    The Pierogi is a traditional Polish dinner dish consisting of crispy dumplings filled with a savory filling of potato, cheese, and other garnishes. The traditional recipe calls for simple ingredients and no fuss. Though actual preparation time and the cooking processes can be length, the pierogi itself is unassuming. In recent years, however, many people (Polish and non-Polish) have attempted to reconfigure the typical recipe to make it more exciting and even more delicious. Due to the…

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  • Red Onion Cells Lab Report

    observing the x-axis intersection of the lines in each graph to approximate the concentration value inside each cell when there is no change in mass, or when the solution is isotonic to the cell. The water potentials are different because the two cells do not consist of the same amount of solute. The concentration of the white potato cell was approximately .23 M of sucrose, while the sweet potato was .59 M of sucrose. While a white potato consists of some sucrose, the sweet potato consists of…

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  • Tony Blair's Response To The Great Famine

    While the Great famine could not have happened without the failure of the potato crop – something beyond the control of the British Government- their subsequent response, or there lack of, to the crisis greatly contributed to the devastation caused by the blight. As evidenced by Tony Blair’s 1997 apology to the Irish people, the British Government’s policies during the Great Famine toward a country it was, on paper at least, in union with, were unforgivable. Although the Conservative government…

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  • Potato Osmosis In Potato

    There were many observable factors when investigating osmosis in potatoes. Four different solutions were created (distilled water, 1% salt (NaCl), 3% salt and 5% salt. The potatoes were sliced until they were 3cm long, each test tube contained 3 strips of potato cores and a different concentration. The potato strips were weighed and the results recorded. The potato cores were left in each solution for 24 hours. Once the test results were collected the data was averaged and placed into a graph…

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  • Tomato Plant Case Study

    1a. The results from Figure 1 illustrate that the control treatment of the Tomato plant, has a maximum quantum yield of Photosystem II than chilled plants. It appears that over time, the average Fv/Fm seems to be constant with no drastic changes in the levels, with values staying between the ranges of 0.7 to 0.8 Fv/Fm. On the other hand, the chilled treatment of Tomato plants begins at 0.2257 Fv/Fm at time = 0 minutes, and the last plant has a Fv/Fm value of 0.6526 when time is at 150 minutes.…

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  • Irish Famine Research Paper

    The great famine or the great hunger was a period of mass starvation, disease, and emigration in Ireland between 1845 and 1852. [1] Mainly the Irish were farmers and their major dependent was on farming but what changed the situation is the number of historical reasons. During the famine, approximately 1 million people died and a lot of them emigrated from Ireland, causing the island's population to fall by between 20% and 25%. [2] The famine was caused by a potato disease commonly known as…

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