The Evolution of Our Writing Skills Essay

  • Michaela Cullington: The Effects Of Texting

    As technology advance, so does our way of communicating. In Michaela Cullington’s “Does Texting Affect Writing” Cullington answer the effects of textspeak, a language used in texting that is often composed of abbreviation, acronyms, and emoticon. In her essay, she addresses the concerns, her experimentation, and findings on the effects of textspeak. Using several rhetorical contexts: logos, pathos, and ethos, Cullington puts forth a convincing argument against textspeak impacting formal writing negatively. As a research paper submitted to Young Scholars in Writing, Cullington’s essay appeals toward logos. Logical appeals are composed of factual statement and statistics that can prove an argument. The first appearance of logos in Does Texting Affect Writing is when Cullington stated, “Text messaging… is a common means of communication among teenagers and is even becoming popular in the business world… In order to more quickly type what they are trying to say, many people use abbreviations instead of words. [This] created… textspeak.” (361) In this paragraph, Cullington wants to remind readers where textspeak originated from. In order for a developed society to keep up to date with information, shortcut was created in forms like abbreviation to communicate faster, this ultimately created textspeak. Another use of logos in a form of statistics was from Michaela Cullington’s findings from “National Center for Education Statistics, [show] only 25% of high school seniors are…

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  • Evolution: Evolution And The Evolution Of Homo Sapiens

    activity writing and recording was done. This time period before writing and recording is called prehistory. In order to understand this period, one would obtain knowledge from research done by evolutionary biologists archaeologists. There was an evolution for our ancestors called Homo sapiens. There was a paleolithic era and a Neolithic era which included the transition to agriculture. When archaeologists had discovered a skeleton of a woman who died 3.2 million years ago, they had found the…

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  • Effects Of Texting Ruining Our Language

    As Kate Wiles noted in her blog “Is Texting Ruining Our Language”, “Laziness, and our desire to communicate with as little effort as possible will make language change, but our need for comprehension will temper how much it changes.” Internet discourse and texting discourse are influencing the way people speak and write the English Language. Communication and writing has become informal between people because of the constant short-handed way of texting and instant messaging, making humans lazy,…

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  • The Importance Of Human Enhancement

    change and development of our knowledge and existence of this certain thing can be achieved. For example, scholars and intellectuals never reach a point in their lives when they say, “Okay I have learned everything I wanted to in this life, my time for learning is over.” True scholars — like most humans — keep learning for the rest of their lives. One, in order to continue to deepen and enrich their understanding of the questions that drive their work and life forward. Two, because it is not…

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  • Advantages And Challenges Of STEM Education

    new STEM teacher would have to learn each student’s demographics and acknowledge factors that may play a role on the student’s learning abilities. Another challenge that a new STEM teacher may face is the ability to successfully teach a lesson that may confuse some religious students, such as topics about creationism and evolution. Some teachers also find it difficult to incorporate empathy into their material and lesson in order to actively construct a positive classroom. In the beginning of…

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  • The Figurative Language: My First Theory Of Writing

    THEORY OF WRITING: ITERATION III In my first theory of writing iteration, I stated that writing was communication with words. For writing to be effective, it had to fulfil a purpose and conveyed a message successfully. Although I still believe this to be true, I also declared that effective writing involved correct usage of grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization, etc. No longer agreeing with this statement, it was the initial concept that challenged the way I view effective writing that…

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  • What Is Technology In The Past?

    are many things has chance which cant be count. There were many things that haven’t existed before. Anyway, the technology has developed in a way that human cannot control or stop it. As I can say that there is no limited for the technology. However, if you think of how our technology in these days, I will absolutely accept any ideas about technology. So, imagine if someone came from the past into our age, what he is going to see? I think he is going to be crazy of our lifetime. Furthermore, “…

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  • Library Reflection Essay

    human world is in a constant state of flux. In fact it might be safe to say that change is the only constant that we humans can expect. No matter where you look something is shifting, whether that be our physical environment or the technological world of which we are part. Technological developments happen so rapidly that at times they can make more familiar components of our lives, such as libraries, seem outdated and antiquated. However it is the pairing of the two, technologies with the…

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  • Reflection Essay

    August, at the beginning of the semester, I considered myself a thoroughly terrible writer. With time and practice, though, I have gradually gained confidence and skill. Throughout high school, I have assumed that I am a decent reader, with my average expectations; however, I have constantly struggled with translating what I know into intelligible phrases like my peers in gifted English seem to do with ease. Insecurity has always gone hand-in-hand with my writing- not because I am unwilling to…

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  • Instructional Design Reflection

    continue to reflect on my skills and growth as I reflect on my work. My graduate work continues my scholarship of teaching and learning that I started in my undergraduate work. As I learn how to teach, I also learn how to learn, making me a better instructor. From “A” to “E” of Instructional Design, and Everything In-between I came into the program with the goal of familiarizing myself with new techniques and technologies. I was not disappointed. The many papers and projects I completed helped…

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