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  • Workflow Design: Clinical Case Analysis

    Workflow Design: Clinical Scenario The purpose of this paper is to explore a clinical scenario, answer pertinent questions, and list out the correct steps for administering an oral medication according to the “five rights” of the medication administration process (Edwards & Axe, 2015; Hunter, 2011). In addition, a workflow diagram was created to demonstrate the process from start to end. Scenario Analysis As healthcare providers, nurses are trained to follow the “five rights” of the…

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  • Acceleration Of Gravity Experiment

    on the x- axis leading to a gradient of 1/√g. Two lines of best-fit are to be found; one using the standard high/low method and secondly one using the unweighted method of least squares. Gradients are found for each of theses lines (along with its error when using the unweighted method of least squares) and these values rearranged to find the value for gravitational…

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  • The Importance Of Social Science Research

    The primary method of this type of research begins with a hypothesis, then the scientists compile set questionnaires in order to gather data, then analyze it. There are high degrees of error in this field of study due to a wide range of factors associated in each stage of the research process. These…

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  • Aquasol Experimental Design: Weaknesses

    A weakness in this experimental design is the manual dilution of the Aquasol concentrations. This is because, if a random error were to occur, and the diluted Aquasol concentration does not result in the desired concentration, the validity, reliability, and precision of the results is majorly decreased. Whereas if the Aquasol concentrations were already previously diluted in a lab by professionals, or were bought in the correct concentrations, the reliability, validity, and precision of the…

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  • Community Analysis: Pediatric Intensive Care

    is a very common practice on my unit and it presents a myriad of issues and challenges particularly for those not well trained. The high error rate, which includes severe consequences for doing the procedure incorrectly, needs to be addressed with transparency, training and follow-up. AHRQ seems dedicated to raising the level of awareness of human medical error and finding ways to reduce the risk whether through process, policy or training. I believe they are playing a pivotal role in pushing…

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  • The Pediatric Early Warning System (PEW)

    Wall of Silence Journal Entry One Medical errors occur every day whether it is from a nurse or physician and because of it’s occurrence, it is publicized and raises concern in the community. My level of awareness was little despite hearing stories on social media and from people around me. As I became a nursing student, I realized that medical errors happen more often from common mistakes that are preventable and nothing is done to solve it. Gibson and Singh (2003) mentioned, “hospitals and…

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  • Argument Against Mandatory Reporting

    Introduction Medical errors and unexpected side effects occur relatively often in the hospital setting, where in 1999, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) reported that medical errors resulted in roughly 98,000 deaths per year, becoming the eighth leading cause of death for patients (Phillips-Bute, 2012). While this number is very alarming, the amount of public concern toward medical errors are nearly nonexistent, resulting in patients having little understanding of their rights when their health…

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  • Cognitive Enhancement Drug A Case Study

    The main argument in favor of mandating cognitive enhancements in the case of the cognitive enhancement Drug A would be the drugs ability to reduce medical errors by 20% and reduce the death rate by 5%. Any utilitarian argument would state that the value of saving a life is more important than any other moral argument against the use of the drug. However, the utilitarian argument fails to consider the consequences…

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  • North Andaman Islands Case Study

    North Andaman Islands (NAI) are one of the major island groups of Andaman and Nicobar archipelagos (Fig.1), consisting tropical rainforest encompassing varied species richness and diversity coupled with high endemism (Prasad et al..). As per Champion and Seth [year] the predominant forest types of the study area are Andaman Evergreen (EG), Andaman Semi-evergreen (SEG), Andaman Moist deciduous (MD), Littoral and Mangrove forests. Major part of the island is covered with SEG which is scattered at…

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  • Computerized Management Systems In Healthcare

    physician order entry (CPOE). CPOE requires the physicians to enter their own orders for a patient in the computerized management system. CPOE is a huge benefit to patient safety and quality of care; this will allow for the elimination of legibility errors and incomplete orders. Another example is integration of programmed reminders and alerts. With a computerized management system, reminders and alerts can be integrated into the system. For example the system will alert a physician to…

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