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  • The Transverse Mercator Projection Paper

    The Transverse Mercator Projections is a transverse cylindrical conformal projection also known as the Gauss-Kruger, it is one of the well-known projections in the world for its variation of the Mercator projections (Chang, 2010). The Transverse Mercator Projection (TMS) is similar to the Mercator projection which uses Standard Parallel whereas TMS uses the Standard Meridian. This means that it is longitudinal in the meridians not in the Equator, making it to be conformal and not preserving a…

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  • Comparison Of Zermelo's Axiom Of Choice

    Axiom of choice was formulated by Zermelo in 1904 and is known as Zermelo’s axiom of choice. This axiom stated that we can choose a member from each set in a collection of nonempty disjoint sets, C (Schechter, 2009). Additionally, according to Janes (2008), there exists a set X which consisting of one element taken from each set belonging to Y given that any nonempty set Y members are pairwise disjoint sets. Taking a role as a basic assumption used in many parts of mathematics as stated by…

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  • Investigating The Experiment On AISI 316 Austenite Stainless Steel

    T.T.M Kannan et al. [2014] performed the experiment on AISI 316 Austenite stainless steel to investigate the heat partition, tool wear and tool life. In their investigation they found that CBN cutting inserts has been damaged in moderate cutting velocity and produce good machinability and higher cutting temperature decreases the yield strength of produced white layer. [11] R.Suresh et al. [2014] studied the effect of various cutting parameters in hard turning of AISI H13 steel at 55 HRC with…

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  • Case 6.5 Granger Causality

    uses three different information criterion procedures, Akaike information criterion (AIC), Schwarz information criterion (SBIC) and Hannan-Quinn information criterion (HQIC), in order to get the optimal lag length. Too many lags could increase the error in the forecasts; too few could leave out relevant information (Stock and Watson, 2007). Table 2, presents the results from the optimal lag length selection tests, for the variables private net savings, government net savings rate, GDP per…

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  • Teacher Retention: A Case Study

    The survey instrument created for this study includes relational questions to discover whether one or more working conditions predicts teacher retention and whether the absence of one or more working conditions predicts the likelihood a teacher will leave teaching or migrate to a new building. The survey contains both Likert-type scaled response ratings and demographic questions designed to identify teacher characteristics such as grade level. There are four constructs in this study: academics…

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  • Using Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test To Examine The Normality Of

    Data analysis method First, using Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test to examine the normality of the variables in each of the hypotheses and assumptions of one to five using regression analysis and using software Spss18 and then fourth hypothesis using structural equation modeling (Path Analysis) using software Amos22 to confirm or refute the hypothesis of the research study. Hypotheses: 1. Empowerment dimension effect on turnover intention. 2. Interoperability dimensions have an effect on…

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  • Pompe Disease: A Case Study

    Introduction Pompe Disease is also referred to as GAA Deficiency, Glycogenesis Type II, and Glycogen Storage Disease Type II. It is a lysosomal storage disorder that must be passed down by both parents due to the fact that it is a recessive mutation in genes (Type II, 2014). As a lysosomal disorder, Pompe Disease is the inability of lysosomes to breakdown glycogen into glucose and causes the glycogen to build up inside the lysosome (Pompe, 2010). The glycogen build up has specific effects on…

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  • Attribution Motivation: Road Rage Incident In Detroit

    When looking at the questions of motivation, one must look at all sides of those involved. There is a great tendency to misattribute the motivation of people, based on our own preconceptions. As written about in our primary text, the actor-observer bias causes us to attribute motivations of others to more dispositional reasons, whereas the other person usually sees them as situational (Petri and Govern, 2013). For my analysis of a current event in the context of attribution motivation, I have…

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  • Simple Regression Analysis

    One such alternative include minimizing the summation of errors in absolute quantities. According to Sykes, unbiasedness is when a parameter’s true value equals the mean of probability distribution. He states that consistency is comparison of different estimators that are unbiased and finding the lowest variance…

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  • Linear Kriging Essay

    The Kriging weights w_i1,w_i2,w_i3,…w_ik can be used to estimate the fair value of VA contracts x ⃑_i by the following formula, y ̂_i=∑_(j=1)^k▒〖w_ij∙y_j 〗. The kriging weights can be calculated by the following linear equations, Where the is a control variable, which is used to make sure that ∑_(j=1)^k▒w_ij =1. V_rs=α+exp⁡(-3/β D(z ⃑_r,z ⃑_s,λ)),r,s=1,2,3,…,k, D_ij=α+exp⁡(-3/β D(x ⃑_i,z ⃑_j,λ)),j=1,2,3,…,k, The D(.) function is the distance function mentioned in the clustering section…

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