Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

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Evidence Based Practice
Evidence based practice is of great importance in nursing because keeping ones practice up to date with credible well thought out information helps improve healthcare outcomes. This short essay will discuss the importance of evidence based practice, the promotion of better patient outcomes, as well as the importance of research and rigor when finding credible studies. The importance of Evidence based practice cannot be underestimated enough due to the fact that evidence based practice helps improve patient outcomes and save lives.
Positive Aspects of Evidence Based Practice Nurses who research and review different literature such as systematic reviews of experimental studies, and meta-analyses of randomized controlled studies can help improve their nursing practice by keeping up to date with the latest and most effective way to care for patients. One such example on how nurses have implemented evidence based practice would be with the prevention of catheter associated urinary tract infections. According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, due to evidence based practice on UTIs nurses now try to avoid using indwelling catheters to help prevent
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It would be unwise for a nurse to choose to implement a study that does not have enough rigor or supporting evidence. Much disaster can come from trying to promote a study that does not have enough evidence to back it up. One such example would be the controversial study done on the effects of vaccines and autism by Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Unfortunately this study was found to be fraudulent causing many parents to not vaccine their children (CNN, 2011). Due to incidences such as these it is important to make sure that the literature that is chosen has enough rigor and supportive

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