Evidence Based Practice And Clinical Decision Making Essay

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Introduction It is fundamentally important for nurses to develop and appreciate the process of integrating evidence and research conclusions into their clinical decision-making. Evidence-based practice (EBP) is one reliable process that assists in efficient clinical decision-making (Wong & Myers, 2015). This process has emerged as a means of improving clinical practice from a culture of nursing guidelines derived from authoritarian traditions, to practice developed upon the current evidence-based research (Aitken et al., 2011). EBP has five systematic steps which enable nurses to make clinical decisions; devising an answerable clinical question, detect the relevant evidence to answer the clinical question, critically appraise the evidence, integrate evidence into clinical practice and evaluate the performance of the evidence-based decision (Wong & Myers, 2015). The essay will apply the EBP process to identify the problem from the supplied case study, formulate an answerable clinical question, locate research, appraise evidence-based research to answer the clinical question and summarise best practice.
Identified case study problem and answerable clinical question In nursing practice, identifying clinical problems and learning how to formulate this issue into a well-structured answerable clinical question is an important skill. To assist in formulating a successful clinical question, understanding, critical thinking and assessment of a clinical concern needs to be…

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