Essay about Clinical Decision Making Using Evidence Based Practice

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Clinical Decision Making using Evidence Based Practice (EBP): Case Study
In this case study, a 45-year-old, African American women is dealing with attempting to lower her HgbA1C to better manage her diabetes, weight, and to prevent the development of cardiovascular disease. This patient currently follows a diabetic diet, exercises daily, and takes an 800-mg dose of metformin daily. However, her HgbA1c has only decreased by one percentage point and her fasting glucose levels are 160-190 mg/dl. There are many methods available to try and decrease an individuals’ HgbA1c. One intervention this case study will focus on is the impact of lifestyle modification on decreasing one’s HgbA1c. Lifestyle modification includes, adhering to a diet, exercise, and behavioral therapy.
Clinical Practice Question
In this case study a question to pose is: In obese women, can lifestyle modification, lower their HgbA1c? Obesity can cause an increase in blood pressure and glucose resistance which in turn leads to the development of hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease (Maruthur, Gudzune, Hutfless, Fawole, Wilson, Lau, Anderson, Bleich, & Segal, 2014). Per, the American Diabetes Association, ADA, (2016), a decrease in weight of individuals affected with diabetes, can help manage a person’s glycemic control and possibly eliminate the need for medication. One method of helping an individual to lose weight is through lifestyle modification, which includes an intensive program of…

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