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  • The Doctrine Of Ultra Vires

    Ultra Vires is a Latin word which literally means, ‘beyond the power’. In legal parlance it is used to describe when a person, whether natural or artificial, or a body have acted beyond the power granted to them by law. This phrase is widely used in different branches of law; in Administrative law it is mainly used with respect to an administrative body. In Criminal law it is used with respect to law enforcement agencies, in Company law it is used with reference to the corporate capacity of a…

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  • DFCC Bank Plc Case Study

    2.1 Examine the Strategic Change and Needs for the Organization DFCC Bank Plc. (2016) is the only Licensed Commercial Bank in Sri Lanka to conduct all its operations under the principles of banking and the only bank in the country which is fully disengaged from interest based transactions and is one of the undisputed market leaders in the Sri Lankan banking industry (Morrison, 2010) This takes account of the centralized processing of transactions and a customer centric and performance driven…

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  • Interpersonal Relations In Starbucks

    Starbucks does not have employees or associates, they have partners. That is the term of endearment used when discussing the individuals who work in their stores around the world. And the philosophy behind the moniker is that each partner contributes to the success of the company. Newly accepted partners complete 24 hours of indoctrination within the first two week of partnership. Areas covered during training sessions include covering the history of coffee history, drink preparation,…

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  • The Different Types Of Business And Organizational Structures

    Business and Organisation Structures TASK 1 There are different types of businesses. Some of them are Sole Traders, Partnership businesses and Limited companies. Sole Traders are the types of organization which is run by a sole owner. There is one person in charge. The sole trader takes the decision of expanding the business, how to operate and what kind of service to provide. The benefits of sole traders is that the owner gets all the profit and have total control on how to run the business.…

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  • Restaurant Style: Business Analysis

    Business Concepts: Restaurant Style Since I was about nine years-old, I have always wanted to own my own restaurant. I am currently taking the steps needed to achieve my goals. While in college, I have learned so much about business and all the different types. I realize that I cannot just open my restaurant overnight, so learning and observing everything that I can will benefit me in the long run. So far the major business concepts of owning a restaurant are: forms of business ownership,…

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  • TARA-G Catering Services

    Disclaimer: All characters and events depicted below are purely fictional. Any resemblance to a real person, living or dead is coincidental. However, this dialogue is a product placement for a real business enterprise. TARA-G Catering Services Characters: -STEVE OWOYOKUN, an undecisive maniac in his late 20s, easily agitated by unforeseen events, considers himself a scholastic democrat with high self-esteem and contemptuous gentility, most of all he relishes high-end delicacies. -MARK…

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  • Limited Liability Partnership Essay

    Entrepreneurs have the privilege of deciding how they want their business to operate. It is obvious that success is one of the main goals, but the pace and direction to get there can be different. Business owners have to develop a structured plan that will guide them for one milestone to the next. It is beneficial for some entrepreneurs and business leaders to think heavily about what style of structure is best suited for their vision. Those styles of structure would be a sole proprietorship,…

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  • Case Study Acme Fireworks

    Acme Fireworks is a small business that sells and displays fireworks in multiple aspects. Whether they are stationary, multi-use, or single use, Acme can do it all in regards to anything fireworks related. That being said, the owner has informed me that we have received multiple inquiries from various; large businesses asking if we (Acme Fireworks) could produce multiple firework displays on a regular basis and that he had already made an offer that they both mutually agreed upon. An offer…

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  • Main Types Of Business Organisation In The UK Private Sector

    The main types of business organisations in the UK private sector are sole traders, partnerships, private limited companies and public limited companies. These are set up in this sector so that they survive by making a profit, if a business doesn’t make a profit it won’t be able to succeed against its competitors in its market. Each different area of the uk private sector has different rules in which it must abide by for legal reasons. 1.0 Introduction This report will analyse the main types…

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  • Dental Clinic Executive Summary

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The baker street dental practice is a private practice owned by Dr Samir Boulis. This practice is opened 24/7. It is based on Central London in Baker Street. This clinic offers all types of dentistry that people needs, such as emergency, general, cosmetic, specialists for all people. Because of the 24/7 this clinic is very flexible to the customers so that they have the large market share. Introduction In baker street dental clinic now they have doing marketing like they are…

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