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  • What Is The Purpose Of Aaron Sorkin Commencement Speech

    Aaron Sorkin's Commencement speech Aaron Sorkin a Syracuse graduate, gave a very inspiring commencement speech for the graduates and the families of the graduates at Syracuse University on May 13th 2012. In the speech, the main topic was overcoming failures everywhere in life. He talks about his struggles when he was a student at Syracuse and all the battles he fought then. Earlier in his life he battled a drug addiction with cocaine: Sorkin said in his speech he didn't think he could write without cocaine but he continued to battle his addiction which he eventually overcame, and as sorkin himself stated, he wrote multiple tv series movies and plays. Sorkin’s speech was effective because his goal of the speech was reached with his speech by he way he talked about pathos ethos and logos. Sorkin's speech he used pathos by talking about his struggles in life that brought him to be where he is today. He tells a story from when he was back in college in his first drama class, how he failed it his first time. But when it came around to his second year of taking the same class he tried harder and focused. As stated by…

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  • Personal Narrative: What Makes A Bad Rap In Our Success Driven World

    Although I was a student at Syracuse, it just didn’t feel right. I had my I.D and my S.U hoodie, but it didn’t change the fact that I did not like where I was. I was taking classes with adults who had been out of school for over 2 decades. There’s nothing wrong with this, but I did not fit in with them and I wanted a different college experience. This is the first time I’m admitting this to anyone, but it made me even more frustrated when I was placed in remedial Math and English classes. Unlike…

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  • Why I Want To Become President

    Before I go into detail regarding my qualifications and other adjustments I would like to make as President, I would like to explain why I wish to become President. When I first came into Syracuse University, I wanted to find a place where I could nurture myself and build skills that would make me become a better leader, especially in the field of business. So, in the second week of school, I joined various business clubs such as the Financial Management Club, the Entrepreneurship Club, and the…

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  • Student Commitment Fair Research Paper

    On Wednesday September 7, 2016 from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM, students who study at Syracuse University attended the Student Involvement Fair. The Syracuse University Student Involvement Fair is reserved for recognized student organizations, as a way to showcase their involvement on campus and to recruit potential new members. The purpose of this event was to bring the Syracuse University community together by showing students the many things they could become involved with. During the Student…

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  • Vanderbilt University Reflection

    Cerebral Palsy. As I prepare to graduate in May from Vanderbilt University, I find myself conflicted between recognizing that I am incredibly fortunate to have a Vanderbilt education, but also accepting that having a visible disability at Vanderbilt has been a challenging experience. . There is a bizarre irony behind the fact that at a university that is home to one of the top special education graduate programs in the country, the only…

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  • Community College Student Motivation

    activities. According to Alexa Darby and her colleagues from the department of psychology at Elon University in North Carolina, “ Factors that increased student motivation also mirrored the findings of past studies, in that students’ motivation increased when they felt they were making a difference in the community” (Darby 190). This shows that students who participate and enroll in extracurricular activities as well as volunteering organizations develop higher motivation to stay in school than…

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  • Cost Of College Tuition

    alternatives? Would you treat it as a luxury? All of these same emotions go through a person’s mind when making college decisions. These are also thoughts when deciding whether to go to a community college before going to a four year institution or even when deciding whether to pursue higher education as an option. Total cost of attendance, cost of housing, meal plans, even things like transportation are all taken into consideration when making tough decisions about higher education. Have you…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Private College Or Private Colleges?

    Public schools are for everyone, wealthy or low income, the door is wide open to all. “Community colleges play a key role in educating the large number of non-traditional, low-income, and under-prepared students who have entered higher education in the past several decades.” (Stuart). While it is easy to see why one may choose to go to a private college, there are many pros about going to a public college also. Namely, public colleges are largely supported by state funds. These state funds are…

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  • Why Do Young Athletes Get Paid?

    A recent study by Amanda Visik, a George Washington University professor, found that 43% of team coaches for kids, ages 6-8, are not formally trained to teach or communicate with kids. (Johnson) When coaching young ages, coaches need to be encouraging and supportive of all their athletes. If kids grow up afraid of failing, they will not learn how to overcome obstacles. When kids are encouraged and taught to keep trying, they learn perseverance. A coach that acknowledges hard work, can help a…

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  • The Benefits Of College Sports

    According to the NCAA, teams are allowed a maximum of 20 hours of practice per week (“14 Surprising Facts” par. 11). In truth, student athletes can spend more than 50 hours a week during the season (average 43.3 hours according to Forbes), either from coaches overstepping their jurisdiction or the student practicing independently. This is equivalent to having a full time job. Not only does this take away from the student athlete’s time in academics, but also does not allow any time for an…

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