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  • Lifting Of Corporate Veil Case Study

    Introduction and Statement of Facts The fundamental attribute of corporate personality, from which all other consequences flow if that the corporation is a legal entity distinct from its members. Hence, it is capable of enjoying rights and of being subjects to duties which are not the same as those enjoyed or borne by its members. In other words, it has a “legal personality” and is often described as an artificial person in contrast with a human being, a natural person. However, corporate…

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  • Business Ownership

    When people set out to start a company, they do not realize that one of the biggest decisions that they will have to make is the one of the first, assuming that the product has been chosen. Not selecting the best type of ownership can have consequences for the owner as well as for the business itself. The types of ownership will change the cost the ease in which the company is set up, how liable the owners are, what happens when there is a death or withdrawal of an owner, the environment of…

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  • Shania Coffee House Case Study

    The form of business that Shania should engage in to open up her coffeehouse should be a limited partnership. If she were to open as a sole proprietor, although inexpensive, she is liable for everything that happens to her business, and she is the only one dependent upon supplying the necessities for the business to operate. These necessities include: the capital to start the business, property, and all other factors that are required to get a business started. By reaching out to her husband,…

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  • Shifting The Veil Of Incorporation Essay

    the company are using the incorporation of the company to deliberately frustrate a legal obligation. A veil was described as a wall between the company and its shareholders. Hence, once a limited liability company is created as of the separate legal entity principle, the veil of incorporation will be created between the personal assets of the members and the assets of the company. There are three exception circumstances which the veil of incorporation will be lifted which include the corporation…

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  • Case Study Of Sky's Monopoly

    Monopoly situation exists when there is a single supplier of a unique product that has no close substitute. For example, Sky had a monopoly over the live football coverage. According to the 1998 Competition Act, abuse of dominant power means that a firm can 'behave independently of competitive pressures'. (Source: P MC…

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  • King's Restaurant: Vicarious Liability

    TASK 7 Explain how a business can be vicariously liable Vicarious liability As a general rule vicarious liability only arises out of the employer/employee relationship, although it can be found in the principal/agent relationship and as an exceptional case in the employer/independent contractor relationship. It is dependent upon this type of special relationship being established. Vicarious liability is not a tort, it is a concept, which is used to impose strict liability on a person who…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sole Proprietorship

    Advantages of a Sole Proprietorship: There are numerous reasons why an individual would decide to begin their business up utilizing a sole proprietorship structure. Beginning a sole proprietorship is substantially less muddled than beginning a formal corporation, furthermore much cheaper. A few states permit sole proprietorships to be shaped without the twofold taxation benchmarks appropriate to generally corporations. The owner of a sole proprietorship is not needed to record a separate…

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  • Shadow Director Case Study

    To what extent should shadow directors be liable? 1.0 Separate Legal Personality and the Board 1.1 Upon incorporation, a company is recognised as a legal person with its own rights and obligations. Although, being a legal entity, it cannot operate without its organ namely, the Board of directors. The principle of limited liability flows from the concept of separate legal personality in that the assets and liabilities of the company belong to the company and not to its shareholders and…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Dog Grooming

    Pros. • You don’t have any worry about having to pay the business overheads like rent, taxes, or utility bills. You don’t have ultimate responsibility for the business, and that can be liberating • You gain incredible experience. You learn from your mistakes • You are immersed in an established business. You will get to see first-hand how that business runs - whether you work in a salon or as a mobile groomer for somebody else • You will meet lots of dogs. You will develop your dog handling…

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  • Business Level 3 Unit 1 Csr

    1.1 Explain the differences between the: A. Private Sector Sole Traders – This organisation type mainly relies on the business being owned by one individual. They handle all the financial risk in regards to operating the business for a return of profits. They have the responsibility of dealing with any losses the business makes and bills representing things that have been bought for the business. The normal things would be stock or equipment. Records will be kept for all sales and spending the…

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