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  • Corporate Greed

    When corporate governance becomes necessary as an organization begins to mature, the matter of trust is an important part of the process of its composition. Shareholders and owners, all entities of seniority, together, are always asking themselves, “How do I get a return on my investment without someone stealing all of the profits?” What businesses have learned is that someone’s word is not as valuable as their signature and laws have been put in place to uncover and prevent lies. Therefore,…

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  • Difference Between Normal Cost And Normal Profit

    In economic theory normal profit is referred as the minimum level of profit necessary for a firm survival in that line of business. This level of profit enables the firm to incur all its running cost of business. However Accountant calculation is rather different because calculation of profit is based on numerical of past monetary costs and revenues and makes no reference to the concept of opportunity cost. Normal profit arise where Average revenue = Average total cost. Normal profit…

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  • Family Enterprise Case Study

    American scholar Colin Geikelsi believes that a judgment of whether the enterprise is a family business, not to see whether the enterprise with the family name, or whether there are several relatives in the top leadership of the enterprise, but to see whether there is a family owned, general who owns stocks and have many. This definition emphasizes the ownership of enterprises. Scholars Sun Zhiben will have the right to operate the enterprise as the essential characteristics of family business.…

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  • Business Case Study: Todos Os Mercados '

    Todos os Mercados case study Let’s start by introducing this company, and talk about our dear friend Henry Trouvé who will be mentioned later. So this company, named TM which stands for Todos os Mercados, which is a multinational company meaning that they operate in several companies all over the world. It is also a private limited company. A type of special trading company: which has limitation of the liability of the partners to the amount of their contributions and features of a partnership.…

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  • Classified Boards

    Classified boards may be effected through provisions in a corporation’s certificate of incorporation or in a corporation’s bylaws. Effecting a classified board in the certificate of incorporation maximizes protection to the board because it is more difficult to remove the classified board provision and declassify the board effected in a charter than in a corporation’s bylaws . If a corporation’s certificate of incorporation contains a provision classifying the board of directors,…

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  • Duopoly Case Study

    1. a) Three types of firms are: • Oligopoly- small groups/firms/businesses that manage a particular market. In this type of firm, usually 2 firms or more controls the market e.g. Banks and WASA. Characteristics of oligopoly are 1) run by smaller firms that is usually small but not smaller than the market. 2) Not easy to enter in that there are certain things to be done before you can enter 3) These firms have a tendency to sell the same or different products/services 4) Use a…

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  • Case Study: For The Love Of Entrepreneurship

    For the Love of COFFEE! Business is all around us. When we go to the store we make transactions, when a business is going strong they are making profit, when a business it just being created it’s called a start-up. Business is not only a part of a lifestyle to other’s it is their life. It gives entrepreneurs a way to express themselves through their ideas. A way to see what they’ve created through their hard work to see what they’re worth. An entrepreneur is a person who takes the risk of…

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  • Legal Structure And Types Of Stakeholders

    1.1 The purposes of different types of organisations considering their legal structure and types One of the most important decisions that any business would make at its inception will likely be the decision on the type of legal structure to use because the legal structure will determine a lot of things. For example, it will determine the amount of tax to pay, the kind of paperwork that will be needed and even the capacity to raise finances as well as the personal liabilities that you might have…

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  • Summary: Neverland Cupcakes

    people together over delicious cupcakes and engaging in spreading the gospel and love of Jesus by means of cupcakes. The primary goal of this business entity will be to glorify God in all business transactions. This business will be located in the state of Virginia. II. Description and Explanation of Type of Business Entity The type of business entity, which would be best for Neverland Cupcakes to be operated as, would be a limited liability partnership. Firstly, an LLP would be the best option,…

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  • Shania Jackson Case

    In this final discussion, we are asked to evaluate business start-up options for Shania Jackson. Shania is a mature Christian. She has a desire of opening a coffeehouse. Shania seems to have the support of her husband, sister, and neighbor, but in varying degrees of commitment and perspectives. Shania’s husband is willing to invest capital, but not help in the day to day operations. Her sister, a new Christian is eager to participate in the business, but her husband is completely against the…

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