Amanah Raya Case Study

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Amanah Raya Berhad is Malaysia premier trustee company provides corporate trusteeship services, Malaysia legacy management, trust accounts and will management in Malaysia. Workers' commitment to ensure the advantages and property of Amanah Raya and its auxiliaries incorporates the restrictive data, including protected innovation, for example, prized formulas, licenses, trademarks and copyrights, and business, showcasing and key arrangements, outlines, databases, records, pay data and any unpublished money related information and reports. All workers may not utilize or circulate this data without appropriate approval. Amanah Raya is the organization possesses the copyright in all works made by its representatives over the span of their occupation …show more content…
Astro’s offering of TV channels are delivered via Direct-To-Home satellite TV, IPTV and OTT platforms. Like others business, they also must to protect their information and records from others or their competitors for security manners. In terms of confidential and proprietary information, they should not disclose any confidential and proprietary information to anyone outside of the Company, including family and friends, unless officially authorized to do so by the Company. If in doubt, find out whether the information is confidential or check with the manager. Besides that, all information with different levels of confidentiality should be appropriately managed, handled and stored in accordance to the Information Classification and Control Policy adopted by the Company. Examples of confidential and proprietary information include but are not limited to trade secrets, processes, methods, decisions, advertising or promotional programmes, plans, financial or business forecasts, discoveries or competitive bids, customer and employee information that is not available publicly. Where confidential information is to be disclosed to persons outside of the Company, a non-disclosure agreement should be entered into by the parties to ensure that such confidential information is protected. In terms of data protection, all confidential and proprietary information must remain confidential until it is in the public domain. Such confidential information shall include but are not limited to matters concerning securities, financial condition, earnings or activities of the Company and information that is particularly sensitive such as knowledge of acquisitions and disposals, new products or processes, audit reports, earnings figures and trends and any material information that may affect the Company’s business and share

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