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  • The Gothic Castle In Charles Dickens Great Expectations

    Another important aspect of the setting is the labyrinthine, claustrophobic and exotic space into which the plot is set. Since Walpole's `Castle of Otrano' (1764) the Gothic castle is one of the key features of the Gothic novel. The Gothic castle is a labyrinthine and claustrophobic place which evokes feelings of "fear, awe, entrapment and helplessness" (Raskauskien 50). Characteristic of the Gothic castle are mazy, over- and undergrounded corridors, creaking doors, shuttered windows, trapdoors…

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  • Poverty In Homelife, Work, And Social Life

    Poverty in Homelife, Work, and Social life; the Effect it has on Women in Guilded Age New York City and it 's Correlation to Maggie by Stephen Crane The Guilded Age was the time period from around 1890 to 1920. It was a time period of massive immigration to American cities, urbanization, and industrialization. There were large changes to the economy around the country but the places affected the most were the larger cities, for example, New York City. With an influx of population in these…

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  • Rob Thomas Book Report

    Conception Rob Thomas originally wrote Veronica Mars as a young adult novel for publishing company Simon & Schuster. Prior to his first television job on Dawson's Creek, Thomas sold two novel ideas. One of these was provisionally titled Untitled Rob Thomas Teen Detective Novel, which formed the basis for the series. The novel had many elements similar to Veronica Mars, though the protagonist was male. Thomas's father was a vice-principal at Westlake High School near Austin, Texas, and the main…

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  • The Pizza Lovers Series Essay

    The Pizza Lovers Series is a cozy mystery series by Chris Cavender, the penname used by Tom Meyers the Agatha nominated American author. This compelling novel has 7 primary works that Cavender published between 2009 and 2014. Eleanor Swift who is also a main character in several other novels by Chris Cavender is the lead character in these books. Eleanor on a small Pizzeria christened A Slice of Life in the small town of Timber-Ridge in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina town. For Swift,…

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  • Naturalism In The Open Boat

    For this article, it analyzes both Jack London’s “What Life Means to Me” and Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat.” Utilizing these two stories in light of the fact that both Jack London and Stephen Crane are legitimate naturalist essayists who show the thought of naturalism in two exceptionally unfavorable strategies. Naturalism portrays the extremely restricted control that people have over their own destiny in correlation to the powers of the regular world. In "The Open Boat", the men stranded on…

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  • Horror And Dark Themes In Kendare Blake's Life

    Kendare Blake is a writer of horror and fantasy novels with violent and dark themes. Blake has always loved to write and cites the works of the likes of Richard Linklater, Bret Easton, Caitlin R. Kiernan as some of her biggest influences. Her novels include the horror/fantasyThe Anna Dressed in Blood duology, The Goddess War Trilogy, and the contemporary Sleepwalk Society. Her debut novel was the 2011 titled Anna Dressed in Blood that went on to achieve critical acclaim and much popularity among…

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  • Convey 7 Habits

    The 7 habits of highly effective people written by Stephen R. Covey focuses on changing ones self to a more successful person when it comes to relationships. Convey himself recounts times where he used certain habits to gain something. Throughout the book 7 habits are discussed and each of these habits reveal a deeper truth to an everyday life. The first habit discussed is “Be proactive”. In this section Convey tells the story of a man named Victor Frankl, he was a psychiatrist, a jew, and…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay On Bulimia Nervosa

    Nightmares can live in your mind, but they can live in the real world too. Nightmare’s come in the form of people, words, opinions, games, and judgement. Everyone knows about the nightmare in the real world where people are laughing at you, judging you, for everything you do. Judgement is a weapon that happens in many ways- for example, grades. Studying for hours a night for a week, you feel prepared to take a big test, like a Common Assessment. When you get the results back, however, you failed…

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  • Summary Of Stephen Crane's The Open Boat

    to save yourself and everyone on board or completely give up on the idea of escaping this tragedy? Would you expect help to come for you or step up and try to lead everyone to safety yourself? Luckily, in the short story “The Open Boat” written by Stephen Crane, he answers these questions in his writing that is about four crew members on a boat that have found themselves faced with this exact dilemma. This piece, based on an actual incident in Crane’s life, was written not to explain what to do…

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  • Summary Of The Speed Of Trust

    Stephen M. R. Covey, author of The Speed of Trust is the co-founder and CEO of CoveyLink Worldwide, and the former CEO of Covey Leadership Center. In addition to these accomplishments he is the son of Stephen R. Covey, bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Mr. Covey has an extensive speaking background and a multitude of stories that provide much needed practicality and insight in today 's business world. The Speed of Trust is something that we can all relate to.…

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