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  • Case Study: Sea Treasures

    Short-term and Long-term Change for Sea Treasures Change occurs in many different ways within a company or organization that affect everyone from customers to employees of various levels and or ranks. At Sea Treasures, a company that has been in business for over 50 years, is a company affected by change that negatively hit them causing effects that would need both short-term and long-term changes to keep the company successful. In order for change to occur there needs to be and understanding with customers and full cooperation from employees which may not always happen. Once the owners were convinced to create a website to help sell larger inventory via said website versus the store there needed to be short-term and long-term changes to ensure that change occurred immediately and for the long run. The best model for short-term changes to occur would be Kurt Lewin’s three stages of change and the best model for long-term changes to occur would be John Kotter’s eight-step change process. Using these models will ensure that the company sticks with any change that is thrown their way. Lewin’s Three Stages of Change Kurt Lewin’s three stages of change focus on “Unfreezing, moving/changing and refreezing” (Weiss, 2016, Sec. 1.3). The beginning step of the unfreezing stage is to produce and bring motivation into the change. Motivation encourages that change is a scary process but it can also be beneficial to the company and employees. During this stage there is a…

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  • My Observation Of Children In The Classroom

    On the log dated, 11/3/16 I observed the teacher and the ways she accommodated the special needs children in her class. The lesson this day was teaching the children hand-eye-coordination by catching a ball thrown at them. She began the lesson by talking about a ball and what it does: bounce and roll. Afterward, she showed the children the two balls that she was going to use to play catch with them. One was a large textured ball and the other was a small soft basketball. She then proceeded and…

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  • Speech On Roller Coasters

    Relationships are like roller-coaster you start off slow and then you begin hiking up the steep mountain, soon you reach the top now your free falling enjoying the ride, but what do you do when the roller-coaster comes to an end and it’s time to exit the cart? Have you ever had troubles cutting the string that’s attached to the perfect match that recently burnt out? Or had many failed attempts to walk away from the past? Here are my steps on breaking out the cocoon and becoming a free beautiful…

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  • Fast Food Fast Talk Analysis

    Leidner wrote a book, Fast Food Fast Talk: Service work and the routinization of everyday life, in which she worked in and observed working life in a McDonalds and compared it to an insurance company. Her book focused on the routinization of service jobs and its effect on the people working, the customers consuming the product, and the effect it has on the company. This paper focuses on a McDonalds in the Southside of Jacksonville, FL and how it compares to the observations made in Leidner’s…

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