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  • Non Probabilistic Survey Essay

    quandary is how we build this sample. When gathering satisfaction data from a population, such as the customers of a popular clothing store, surveys are very beneficial. However, there are two different survey methodologies used, which are population studies and sampling. Both methods can provide meaningful as well as accurate data, but noticeable limitations can be encountered as well as advantages gained from these methods. Thus, in classic statistical usages, populations are generally enormous; therefore, when the budget and human resources have limitations, and time is of the essence, sampling becomes a viable option. Moreover, the reasoning behind this statement is that for most purposes we obtain suitable accuracy quickly as well as inexpensively on information gained from the sample as opposed to the whole population (Bennett, Briggs, and, Triola, 2012). Consequently, the bottom line is it proves wasteful as well as foolish to use the entire population when a sample, drawn scientifically, provides…

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  • Seagrass Company Audit Case Study

    assertions of the organization through review of a select number of transactions within the audit period (Johnston, Gramling & Rittenberg, 2014). As such, samples must be a representation of the population of transactions to assist the auditor in making accurate assumptions of the financial condition of the organization. Sampling data is not without risks. Incorrectly applying sampling procedures and failure to utilize a representative sample will produce inaccurate assumptions of audit…

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  • North Andaman Islands Case Study

    parts of the islands while the moist deciduous forests are found in low lying areas with major distribution in the northern region of the islands. Evergreen forest shows the dominance of Dipterocarpus, Myristica sps while moist deciduous depicts the abundance of Pterocarpus dalbergoides. These unique isolated Island ecosystems are susceptible to threats posed by human interferences and natural disasters such as cyclones, tsunami etc., devastating both the interior and coastal forest…

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  • Chopsticks Experiment

    conduct a second test with random assignment among the subjects. This would change the nature of this study from a sample survey into a real experiment with the possibility to infer cause and effect relationships. In order to create different treatments for participants, I would randomly select more males and females. This time, I would randomly choose them from a larger population to help ensure that the sample population is representative of the general population. I would then randomly assign…

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  • The Healthy People 2020: Rural Health In The United States

    and national levels (, 2016). The residents of the United States in rural setting is a segment of population that shares numerous health care issues and challenges facing the urban population, however, there are unique healthcare delivery problems associated with these challenges that are faced by people living in rural and remote areas of the country. The Rural Healthy People 2020 project is a companion to The Healthy People 2020, and it strives to…

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  • Myths About Immigration

    David Cole’s article, “Five Myths about Immigration ” is an engaging piece that attempts to disprove five different myths about immigration and its effects on America as a whole. Immigration has been a key issue in society for many generations and for a short period was part of a political movement labeled the “Know-Nothings.” Cole begins his essay be reminding us of the beliefs about immigrants as well as who the real “Native Americans” are. Cole tries to disprove these myths about immigration…

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  • Infant Mortality Rate

    most popular month for marriages, on the other hand, are much more uniform across the five periods with January having the highest incidence. This tells us that, to the local parish’s credit, the priest kept with basic Church doctrine on proper marriage time. Of note are the most popular months for mortality incidences. Though the highest months vary by period, people are more likely to die during either the colder months of January, February, October, and November or the warmer months of March…

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  • Alastair Leithead's Overpopulation Is Not The Problem

    of Lagos to their advantage. In opposition, Ellis’s article uses a different approach by soliciting a sense of pride in his readers by listing technological achievements and thousands of years of continual improvement. He then gives the reader something to relate to by saying he himself had been looking at the problem wrong, encouraging readers to do the same, and creating a sense that he is a relatable person through admission of his mistakes. Logos is one of the most affective rhetorical…

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  • Samoa's Mental Health Issue

    such as health and domestic violence. Samoa is country whose general health is raises few alarms, is doing better in regards to mental health, and is making great strides to fix the problems the country has with domestic violence. Although Samoa may be considered a paradise to some, it still faces the same challenges as every other country. Samoa’s health statistics do draw concerns in quite a number of areas. As a country who spends 7.5% of its Gross Domestic Product on healthcare, Samoa has…

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  • Disparities In Rural Areas

    While practically ever health indicator has improved in Peru in the past thirty years, these improvements have not been shared equally across the population. The majority of the progress has occurred in urban areas, especially in the capital city of Lima, with the rural population lagging behind. According to the Population Reference Bureau (2015), the amount of people living below the poverty line is 36% higher in rural areas than in urban areas. While poverty is definitely a causative factor…

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