Chopsticks Case Study

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1). The Block Five AP Stats class at Silver Creek High School conducted an experiment with the intent to answer the question, “Who is Better at Using Chopsticks: Boys or Girls?”. To begin the study, everyone in the class was asked to write their name on a piece of paper. The papers were then collected and separated by gender. Five boys and five girls were then randomly selected by drawing the papers with names from a hat. The names were stirred and mixed in the hat prior to selection. The ten test subjects were given a pair of chopsticks that were all similar in length and diameter. Each participant was also given a Dixie cup which was filled with five M&Ms and five raisins. It was then explained to the subjects that they must start the experiment …show more content…
If I were to do this experiment again, I would conduct a second test with random assignment among the subjects. This would change the nature of this study from a sample survey into a real experiment with the possibility to infer cause and effect relationships. In order to create different treatments for participants, I would randomly select more males and females. This time, I would randomly choose them from a larger population to help ensure that the sample population is representative of the general population. I would then randomly assign each group of boys and girls to two different sub-groups (Group Girls A, Group Girls B, Group Boys C, and Group Boys D). Groups A and C would only pick up M&M’s while Groups B and D would only pick up raisins. Times would then be recorded and inferences would be made from the data. Also, I might want to add another object to pick up with chopsticks (such as dice or peanuts). This would add two more treatment groups. Lastly, I would want to block the participants so that an equal number of left-handed people were in each treatment group. This would help make the experimental results more representative of the general population. I would also want to survey the participants to understand and evaluate their past experience with using chopsticks. It might be beneficial to block the experienced chopsticks users equally among the

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