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  • Null And Alternative Hypothesis In Research

    Hypothesis test How to find the sample size for analytical studies and experiments? State the null and alternative hypothesis. Choose the statistical test based on the type of predictor and outcome variables. Choose an appropriate effect size. Set type 1 (alpha) and type 2 (beta) error. Use the appropriate table to to look for the corresponding sample size. Basic Concepts Hypotheses: Null and Alternative hypotheses People often look into statistical relationship through the test of significance. It is a procedure by which clinicians collect information and see if it agrees with their initial hypothesis. Hypothesis tests are often used for comparison of two samples from the same pool. While the null hypothesis (H0) agrees both could have…

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  • Paperclips: An Experimental Study

    A within subject’s experimental design, compared the perceived differences in length of different sized paperclips on different body parts. The perceived distance of the paperclips, were rated on a scale of 0 to 2; zero meaning equal, one meaning shorter and two meaning longer. There were three conditions; the Finger-Wrist condition, the Finger-Forearm condition, and the Wrist-Forearm condition. 20-psychology students participated in the study. All 20 participants participated in all three…

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  • Null Hypothesis Case Study

    possibly result in lawsuits against the drug manufacturer. Question 3 Statistical significance relates to the size of an effect. If an observed effect is larger than it would be due to chance alone, the effect is termed as statistically significant. Therefore, a statistically significant finding implies that the difference observed between two or more variables is larger than would be observed if it was a result of chance. For instance, if a manager finds a statistically significant difference…

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  • Chi Square Goodness Of Fit Test

    Chi- Square Goodness of Fit Testing Assuming Equal Expected A handful of students loves numbers and selects a major in Finance, Statistics, or Marketing. While others prefer a major in Leadership or are undecided. Historically, the MBA program at Whatsamatta U has about 40% of their students electing Leadership as their major, 30% selecting Finance as a major, 20% choosing Marketing, and 10% are undecided. Conducting a Chi-Square Goodness of the Fit Test revealed that the class of 200 students…

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  • Cowles And Davis 2006

    Question 1 Cowles and Davis (2016) discussed several factors that contributed to the adoption of the .05 level of statistical significance. The first factor discussed was the discovery that computations can be utilized to measure observational error, by and astronomer, Lambert Adolphe Quetelet. This discovery led to the development of the normal distribution curve utilized today (Cowles & Davis, 2016). Following the development of the normal distribution curve, a measure of variability known…

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  • Friedman Correlation

    Results In order to examine the differences in metaphorical language use of the experimental group and the control group at the beginning of the metaphor awareness treatment, an independent samples t-test was conducted for the data gathered from the participants’ recent writing test. The statistical analysis indicated that there was not a significant difference in the metaphorical language use of experiment group (M = 1.59; SD = .70) and control (M = 1.44; SD = 1.00); t (43) = .58, p = .56.…

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  • Prosopagnosia Case Study Essay

    this particular research project. This computer program tests a subject’s mental state through a series of questions regarding his or her age, education, ethnic background, language fluency, sleep and so on. Proceeding the optional background questionnaire, the subject’s memory is tested through various picture memory tests. This information is then confidentially stored on an aggregated database. Nonspecific scores and anonymous demographic information is available for students to study.…

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  • Autocorrelation And Regression Analysis

    However, the “abvavg” variable does indicate a positive relationship with the hourly wage – suggesting that more physically attractive individuals do experience a monetary benefit because of their appearance, but the variable is deemed statistically insignificant and the results hold no weight in the model. Instead, “belavg” displays a negative relationship with the hourly wage, which indicates that it is less physically attractive individuals that are experiencing a monetary disadvantage as a…

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  • Death Penalty Ideology

    variables are continuous, the bivariable hypothesis test is crosstab. The figure~ ef{} shows the two categorical variables: The difference between democrat in control of the Upper house and if the states have or have not Death Penalty. The bars are even, because there are not difference between these two variables. As the table~ ef{tab:example2} shows the states which have death penalty a 63.42% are in the Upperhouse which is control for democrat and the 36,59% are in state with this House…

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  • Null Hypothesis Essay

    stated in social scientific research. Researchers rarely state the null hypothesis in their academic journals because they “assume that readers know the sole purpose of a significance test is to test a null hypothesis.” (Barker 57) Instead of reporting the null hypothesis, researches “report which differences were tested for significance, which significance test they used, and which differences were found to be statistically significant.” (Barker 57) Additionally, researchers are more likely to…

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