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  • Red And Black Colored Words In Mozart's Music

    Results Table 1 shows the means and standard deviation of Red and Black coloured words recalled in Mozart’s music and no Music condition. Table 1. Means (and Standard Deviations) for experimental conditions. Word colour Music Condition Black words Red words Mean (±SD) Mean (±SD) Mozart’s Music…

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  • Mini Nutritional Assessment: A Case Study

    According to Treas & Wilkinson (2014) when using the BMI calculation of: BMI=weight in kilograms + (height in meters)2, Mrs. Jenkins BMI would equal 16.8 (p.924). “The normal BMI for adults ranges from 18.5 to 24.9” (Treas & Wilkinson, 2014, p. 924). The 16.8 BMI classifies Mrs. Jenkins as moderately underweight. Being underweight is when the patient “consumes fewer kcal than needed based on his activity, sex, height, and weight. Consuming too few kcal may result in serious undernutrition-that…

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  • Carbon Footprint Impact On The Environment

    In order to properly discus carbon foot print and the impact that it has on our environment we have to first define what it is to get a better understanding, second we will look to see my personal contribution and how that compares with the national average and then compare it on a global level we will end by identifying new ways to offset and reduce the impact on our environment. Merriam Webster dictionary defines carbon footprint as the amount of greenhouse gases and specifically carbon…

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  • Discuss The Tragic Effects Of Climate Change

    On December 12, 2015, President Obama and 150 world leaders came together in order to discuss the tragic effects of climate change. We all need to come together to fight this problem. Obama states his concern for the rapid increase of damage caused by climate change. Obama stated that “ Fourteen of the fifteen warmest years on record have occurred since 2000..” Our world is taking the turn for the worst if changes are not made our world will come to an end. Eventually, the climate of our world…

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  • Chi Square Test Case Study

    The data set consist of 44 female and 53 males. b. There are 21 people under the age range of 13-35, which account for 21.6% of the total 97 in the sample. c. The mean level of the hour spent in the office during week 2 is 47.47 hours, with the standard deviation of 17.06. The distribution is slightly negative skew (-0.237), although in an acceptable range suggest that slightly more samples spend more hours in office than the average. The distribution’s value for kurtosis (-1.005) exceeds the…

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  • Pearson Correlation Coefficient Essay

    1. QUESTION: Class, what does the correlation coefficients of -1, +1, and 0 tells you about the relationship between the two variables? It depends on the method one uses, but the Pearson correlation coefficient is the most widely used. Values in the form of numbers show the direction and how strong the relationship is between two different variables. These can range from -1.00 up to +1.00. If it is positive it is a direct relationship. For example, if one increases the other will also increase…

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  • Comparing Different Methods Of Sailing Scoring And The Fairness Of Sailing Method

    the sailor with the most or least points, depending on the scoring methods, after all events have taken place. Each sailor in this study has a mean performance score, between 10 and 100, denoted as μ from now on. Each sailor also has a different standard deviation, a measure of consistency between 0 and 18, denoted by σ from now on. I will call the scoring methods as followed: Method 1 - Calculating the sum of the sailors finishing positions in an event with the lowest score being best. Method…

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  • Love Must Be Tough Analysis

    DBMF 405: Quiz One Answers should be written in one to three complete sentences. Each question is worth 5 points. There is no time limit in which to complete the quiz. According to Dr. Dobson, what is the relationship between panic and appeasement? [Love Must Be Tough, Ch. 2] Panic is the characteristic response to rejection and betrayal. When a person is in panic mode they will resort to accommodating their spouse hoping that this will return their adoration to them; ergo, this is…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Split Criterion And Dead Criterion

    The split criterion and dead criterion are listed below. GIVE FORMULA Nsplit and Nadapt are two new parameters which have their usage in controlling and adjusting the split criterion and dead criterion. S is the initial population size and S^i is the current population size. It should be taken into consideration that the population size will increase by one if a bacterium undergoes reproduction and decrease by one if a bacterium faces lethat consequences. As a result, the population size may…

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  • Air Pollution During The Industrial Revolution

    economy. By the year 2016, new cars and trucks would require an average fuel economy standard of 35.5 miles per gallon which would save a total of 1.8 billion barrels of oils over the life of the program. This would also allow the fuel economy to gain an average of more than five percent every year. Ultimately, there would be a 900 million metric tons of greenhouse emissions that would be reduced. The standards set up in this policy surpassed the CAFE Law that was passed by Congress in 2007.…

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