Body Temperature Estimation

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Various studies all over the world have been conducted on the estimation of stature from the human skeleton by applying variable methods for the estimation but the easiest and the most reliable method is by regression analysis.
In the present study the correlation of body height with both foot lengths and knee height along with a consideration of the age factor varying between 19years to 54 years. The right foot length from 20.7cms to 29.6 cms and the left foot length from 20.5 cms to 29.2 cms in males and the right foot length from 20cms to 26.7cms and the left foot length from 19.6cms to 26.5cms in females was observed and the total body height of the subjects was ranging (in anatomical position) 132cms to 192cms in males and 126cms
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Body height showed positive significant correlation with both parameters in both males and females. The Correlation coefficient of body height was observed with both foot lengths r=0.70 in males and in females for right foot length r= 0.48 and for left foot length r=0.38.The values of r of body height with knee height in males as 0.74 and in females as 0.51. Knee height shows the better degree of correlation in both males and females as compared to both foot lengths. With age knee height showed improved values of R as 0.749 in males and 0.648 in females. Thus knee height with age as predictor variable shows the highest degree of correlation in both males and females (table no.8) and proved to be more reliable in determining the body …show more content…
7 & 9).The low value of Standard error of estimate (S.E.E.) indicates greater reliability in the body height estimation. The values of S.E.E. for body height from both foot lengths and knee height in males ranged from 0.14 to 0.22cms and in females ranged from 0.13 to 0.37cms. In both models of regression the slopes for Knee height ranged 1.42 to 1.79 and the slopes for age ranged from -0.13 to -0.65. Regarding the decline of height according to Cline et al (1988) with age was seen amongst individuals 45years and above. The mean decline of height per year increases with age. The mean annual rate of decline of height was approximately -0.5cms/year regardless of age. It may be due to thinning of intervertebral disc or changes in postural habits of individuals.
Regression equations of body height with knee height in
Males: B.H. = 75.62+1.79(KH); r2=0.54
Females: B.H. = 71.92+1.79(KH); r2=0.26
Regression equations of body height with knee height and age in
Males: B.H. = 106+1.429(K.H.)-0.65(Age in years); R2= 0.56
Females: B.H. = 86.69+1.586(K.H.)-0.22(Age in years); R2= 0.42
With the inclusion of age to the regression (multiple linear regression) improved the value of R2.
Table 13:- Comparison of present study on body height with foot length and knee height with various authors for better and

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