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  • Cyber Attacks Research Paper

    in his research Cyber-Attacks: The New Front of Warfare a Growing Threat to U.S. Security 2011, says that cyber-attacks that have happened in the current days and those foreseeable in the future are an indication of the threat we face in regards to cyber systems vulnerability. Some of the allies associated with the U.S. such as in 2007 when Estonia was attacked could also very well indirectly have an outward effect on the national security of the U.S. Successive attacks on other countries…

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  • Muslim Discrimination Cases

    November 10, 2016, a student that attended San Diego University in California was attacked and discriminated against because of her Muslim religion. The student was reported wearing a hijab. It is also sated that the perpetrator 's intent was to attack her religious faith and to put emphasis on the election of Donald Trump (Kunzelman, 2016). Despite the hateful and cruel behavior of the perpetuators, the women made it out of the situation safely. In addition, a second incident was reported when…

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  • Grey Wolves

    2.1 The Proposed Work The objective of proposed research is to study and analyze the presence of suspicious network traffic behavior of every categorization attack instance along with normal network traffic pattern collected from modified KDDCUP99 intrusion dataset, as appeared in the form of modified dataset sizes deployed in experimental work. The methodology is enhanced with the hybrid approach, i.e. determining the evolutionary computation technique combine with supervised machine learning…

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  • 9 Horizons Origins Hellas Analysis

    closer look at the surrounding scene in an attempt to find clues of what sort of creature they were dealing with. Eventually he finds signs that point to a Spectrosaur. This greatly confuses him as he tells Hellas how they never have any reason to attack people unless cornered and provoked. They’re also very rare creatures that stay deep in the woods away from…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cyber Deterrence

    “attribution” on any pulpit, continue to learn nothing, and attackers will continue with their cyber-shenanigans. These discussions (cyber deterrence) are not scaring, nor deterring anyone. Attribution is a rather mystical thing when it comes to cyber-attacks. “Cyber related” companies offering response based services - incident response, investigations - know this very well and play up the fear to continue to sell their services. As an offensive penetration tester, I have many tricks up my…

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  • Cyber-Security: The Concept Of Cyber Security

    is both broad and fuzzy. Although useful, the term lacks a precise definition since it refers to either one or three of the following components, as elucidated by Fischer (2015): 1. A collection of activities and measures aimed at protection from attacks, disruptions, or threats to computers and their networks, related hardware and software, as well as information contained or communicated, such as software and data, in addition to aspects of cyberspace; 2. The quality or state of protection…

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  • An Analysis Of First Writing Since By Suheir Hammad

    who survived, both mentally and physically. The attacks were blamed on Muslim terrorists, which lead to a great increase of Islamophobia, especially amongst Americans. The collapse traumatized the nation and affected most, including Palestinian-American author and poet Suheir Hammad. She witnessed the tragic event and composed the poem “First Writing Since”, expressing her anti-war position and experience of racial discrimination following the attacks. Through the use of symbolism, comparison,…

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  • ISIS Research Paper

    politically motivated means of attack or coercion”. In simpler words, it’s a group of people using violence in order to gain power, and it’s been a huge global crisis for years. Although there are many terrorist organizations worldwide, we can all agree that the most known today is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, better known as ISIS, and they’ve made it their mission to make their mark on the world. According to CNN, in the past two years ISIS has conducted 143 attacks in 29…

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  • Cyber Warfare Research Paper

    politically motivated attacks on information and information systems.” (Rouse, 2010) Not much is actually known about the effects of cyber warfare because most cases either go undiscovered or are seen as warnings. Some of the more well-known cyber-attacks are stuxnet, equation group, and most recently the Sony Pictures attack. All of these attacks had their reasons for happening, and have had far reaching effects on the world. Saudi Arabia has long defended its oil lines from physical attacks.…

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  • Slandering In American Politics

    Attacks, rumors, and gossip have been one of the leading tactics to highlight politician fallacies. To win the hearts of the Americans, they have to use negative tactics to make Americans believe their side or vote on their particular issue. Harassing a politician has been the easiest way to make the opposing side look its best. American politics have attacked people to show to the world how flawed a person is and as a result that person has flawed thinking/ideals. Attacks in politics are the…

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