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  • Haemon's Struggle In Hesiod And Sophocles '

    power. The role of the son in their works shines light onto how rulers in their quest to retain power can be threatened even by those who support them. This fear causes the father to push their son away thus fulfilling their fears as the sons’ future actions lead to a destabilization in the political order. This destabilization is show to be a loss of political power as the son either supplants their role or renders the king politically useless. In short, for the father a son is a symbol of the…

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  • God Is The Most Unreliable Thing In The Bible

    35:10) Anyhow, Israel became the father of ten sons. Then in his old age, a son, Joseph was born to his wife, Rachel. Joseph was Israel’s favorite son. Benjamin was born later, giving him a total of twelve sons. Perhaps it was because Joseph was the son of his old age, but more than likely it was because he was the son of Rachel, that Jacob loved Joseph in a special way.(Genesis 37:3) This, of course, doesn’t mean that he didn’t love his other sons. Had he not cared about them, he would…

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  • The Outsiders Comparison

    Comparison Over the Three Curtis Brothers: Jahrell Teodoro In the book, “The Outsiders” are introduced in chapter one three boys named Ponyboy Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, and Darry Curtis. These three brothers also classify themselves as Greasers because of where they live, how they act, and how they dress daily. By the looks of these three siblings, I will be comparing them by their Appearance like how they look and dress, their Personality on how they act, and on their personal life including…

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  • Misguided Priorities In Hugh Garner's The Father

    Walking down the street with his boy Johnny, John tries to make conversation with his boy but finds it hard. John knows very little about his son and the barrier in between them is big enough to block out any insight John could have gained into Johnny's life. He has always prioritized himself over others, wanted to feel good and look good in the public’s eyes. John does not look at the end goal of his priorities, how it may affect his family or what he is missing out on and the idea of losing…

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  • Theme Of Privacy In Little Brother

    ‘Little Brother’ by Cory Doctorow is about how a teenager, Marcus Yallow, gets involved in a technological battle against the government while trying to fight for his privacy and the privacy of others. ‘Little Brother’ places an emphasis on the message that privacy is a right that all people are entitled to. Marcus, who at times seems carefree, heavily supports this message, and it plays a role in his development. In an age where technology can it difficult to maintain your privacy, there are…

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  • The Fly Katherine Mansfield

    Katherine Mansfield's short story, "The fly," is about a man who is struggling with his grief over his son untimely death. The man, referred to only as "the boss", uses different coping techniques throughout the story to avoid dealing with his loss. By avoiding dealing with his son's death the boss's has found a way to hold on to his son. The prevailing theme in the fly is people use a variety of ways to cope with overwhelming grief including controlling their surroundings, avoidance of the…

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  • Why Do Ashley's Parents Expect To Be More Independent?

    girls. A mother’s son might feel as though it’s unfair to him, but he doesn’t understand that he actually has it easy compared to a girl and parents.Boys would feel like they have it harder with their parents because “In short, girls tend to get more of their parents’ affection, attention and protection while boys tend to be taught to not need some and to “man up”” (NYT Takes On). Parents may give more attention or affection to their daughters because they think that their sons can handle things…

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  • Seamus Heaney Follower Poem Structure

    to his father but the roles switched, where he was once following his father, his father is now following him. Seamus Heaney creates an ending of emotion, it makes the readers think about what has happened between the relationship of the father and son. Heaney uses Interior monologue, characterisation of himself and his father and sentence structure, to create…

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  • Beliefs And Values In The Broken Globe By Henry Kreisel

    their perspectives: one’s beliefs shape their identity, and influences the choices they make for themselves. Henry Kreisel presents a short story “The Broken Globe”, which demonstrates the impact of different beliefs on the relationship of a father and son. Even though Nick Solchuk derives from an agricultural family where education is limited, he is passionate and adamant about pursuing an education on science. On the other hand, Nick’s father’s beliefs and values are strongly rooted in…

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  • Baldwin's Relationship With His Son In Notes Of A Native Son

    Baldwin’s Relationship with his father The excerpt from the book “Notes of a Native Son” discusses the relationship between Baldwin, and his father. Throughout the story, Baldwin states his honesty in his opinions regarding how he viewed and interacted with his father. In which Baldwin despised the characteristics of his dad and how he inherits unwanting features…

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