Those Winter Sundays Poem Analysis

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Imagine life without parents. Imagine how your life would be without them. You may not like them, also, may not appreciate what they have done for you until you stuck in the situation or come to the right realization. I have chosen two poems that can connect to relationship between children 's and parents. One of the poem is “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden and the other poem is “The Possessive” by Sharon Olds. These two poems show how relationship between children and parents can become complicated because of not sharing feelings to each other. In poem “Those Winter Sundays” Hayden talks about how his father has done a lot of things out of love for him and for his family. He did not notice the care and love after he became …show more content…
This poem starts with a mother telling the readers how her relationship with daughter became complicated after going to a barbershop and cutting her hair on her own choice. She started to think that it is a war that her daughter started and the first weapon that her daughter used was the haircut. The mother was jealous that one day her daughter was a possession of her which is no longer exist. She started to believe her daughter has grown and began to become more of herself, which means her daughter is about to change the way her mother raised her. And the mother is broken apart from inside because of the first change her daughter made which was going to barbershop and choosing own haircut. After the first change, more changes going to appear which will make her daughter totally a different person. The changes are going to damage the relationship and going build a long distance between them. She discusses more about the similarities that they both had and suddenly that has disappeared. On line 15 it says, “In her bright helmet she looks at me as if across a great distance.” In other words, she described the pain that she is suffering from and watching the long distance that is being made between both of them. And she is afraid of losing her own …show more content…
Both poems showed how love plays an important role between parents and children. Always there are reasons behind whatever parents are doing for the children. It may seem like wrong for the first time, however it takes time to realize the reason behind whatever the parents do for their child. It may not seem like parents do not love their child, but parents are the one who can love their child the most which no one else can do. For example, the son did not realize the care and love that his father used to do for him. After being a grown man he realized his father was a different personality person than what he thought about him which took him time. A person 's appearance does not describe him how the person is inside. If I compare this story with the The Possession then, it will end up with the same outcome. The mother may think her daughter is changing, however, if a person tries to change the way how the person looks, that does not mean the individual is changing from inside. Similarly, her daughter may change her haircut, but that does not mean she changed her personality. Also, that does not mean she is going to go away from her mother and hurt her. A child would never do something that would hurt their parents feeling. As much as parents love their child, the child also loves them back. It is about not sharing the feeling to each

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