Let It Snow Poem Analysis

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Paragraph 1-Song-Let it Snow The reason I picked this song is pretty self explanatory. I picked this song because in the beginning of the book when Percy’s Mom is driving them it is snowing. The snow and sleet “Pounds down on the road”. This song let it snow fits perfectly for the scene when it is snowing. The reason is in the song it says, “Let it snow” and while they are in the car they want it to keep snowing because they like snow. This is the reason for this song.

Paragraph 2-Song-I wanna rock and roll all night The reason I picked this song is kind of silly. I picked it because they are ready to rock and roll and go fight. Ironically the fight is in the night, and they are gonna rock and roll and win the game. Percy likes to go into battle, and when it’s battle time they win the game. So
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The title of this song fits perfectly for the reason of the important time in the book. The reason I picked this song is because Percy and his friends got to keep their heads up and win the battle. In the last book they didn't do that. Now they have a fresh start to keep their heads up and battle. Percy was stabbed and he kept his head up and got away.

Paragraph 4-Tubthumping I picked this song because Percy Jackson was running in the battle and fell down on a trip wire. Percy was just going to stay there.Then his friend Thalia tells him to get up and don't let it keep you down. This song says “I get knocked down, but I get up again”. That is just what Percy did. He got knocked down, and got back up again.

Paragraph 5-Song-Oh my Gosh I picked this song because in the middle of the battle teams are shocked by something. In the middle of the battle green mist appears and a voice comes out. It is the goddess Delphi. Talking to the teams. The teams are very shocked. The mist disappears after a couple minutes. The teams were very shocked. So it goes great with these lyrics “Oh my

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