Critical Analysis Of Norman Rockwell's 'Breaking Home Ties'

Breaking Home Ties Critical Analysis Breaking Home Ties is one of many paintings by Norman Rockwell. It was created in 1954 and since then has been a well known painting to artists and art critics. The detail in the scene and expression on the two men’s faces make this picture a true masterpiece. With the expressions on the characters, one can clearly tell there is a story behind this one framed moment. The man on the left looks over worked and rather numb in the face, while the younger man on the right appears lively and excited. The dog on the young man’s lap seems saddened, like the father, as if it doesn’t want the young man to leave. How could excitement and sorrow be in the same picture? The first thing one might notice when …show more content…
What makes stories all the more memorable are the lessons they teach. Is Breaking Home Ties showing any type of lesson here, or is it more of a single frame caught during a story that has not yet reached its moral? We have two sides of this story, told by each of the characters. The young man seems excited and almost oblivious to his father’s suffering. The old man also can’t seem to figure out what to say, distant in his eyes as if lost in thought. Both seem to have difficulty communicating in the current situation. The old man might not speak to his son, worried he might burst into tears or say something selfish, like begging his son to stay. The young man doesn’t even seem concerned about his father’s expression, or even attempt to recognize the suffering and pain in his father’s eyes. He doesn’t even notice as he’s looking down the railroad track. While there is no lesson being learned in this frame of the story, it seems to be a scene that could conjure consequences and opportunities to learn that will allow the characters to learn further down the line. Maybe the son will remember that his father didn’t wish him luck. Maybe the old man will feel guilt and regret for not saying anything of significant value during this important milestone of his son’s

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