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  • The Importance Of Life In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

    only motivation to live in the horrid world is his son; without him, he is alone. McCarthy’s writing moves the soul and really captures the Man’s desire for his son to live. Though the movie shows his desire, it lacks his feeling of love. There is a deficiency of affection and that seems to almost pull them apart rather than show the connection that the novel portrays. This lack of affection almost diminishes the father’s efforts to teach his son to survive because he no longer cares as much for…

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  • Reuven: Summary And Analysis

    As Reb Saunders confesses that silence is intended for compassion and teaching his son how to feel the suffering of his people in the world. Reuven come to understand that Reb Saunders intent for his son is well in that it kept him away from becoming a rabbi. Although he does not agree, Reuven comes to acknowledge the reasons for Danny and his father’s relationship. He is able to connect with…

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  • Explain What's The Main Purpose About Cats In The Cradle

    see his first walks and always was away from his son. His son started talking before he knew like as if he was gone away for so long he could not even now he was talking. His son said “I am going to be like you dad”. The son had a birthday he had turned 10. His dad gave him a ball and he ask his dad if he could play ball but the dad had work to do. The dad should be guilty for not letting his son have time with him his father. But out of it all the sons smile never dimmed he said “ I’m going to…

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  • American Dream: Testing The Bounds Of Reality

    that he failed to establish a legacy for his sons and that a man nowadays “is worth more than alive” he takes his life. At this point in the play, Willy realized that he had nothing to leave to his sons and that he not accomplished anything resembling his American Dream. When Willy states that “nothing’s planted, I don’t have a thing in the ground” (Miller,12) the seeds symbolize Willy’s failure as a salesman to create a legacy for himself and his sons. The futile nature in which he comes to…

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  • Character Analysis Of Atticus 'In To Kill A Mockingbird'

    Dylan Guay Atticus hardly played with Jem because he’s old, and tired. He doesn’t have the energy to play with him. Jem would get upset because he wanted to play with his dad, and have fun with him, but all Atticus would do is play keep away. Atticus is also very mature and doesn’t seem like the person who is interested in much other than his job which is why it is a big deal to Jem when he shoots the mad dog. Atticus refused to teach them to shoot their new air rifle so Uncle Jack did it for…

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  • Commentary On The Documentary 'When Kids Get Life'

    change anything. One of the main people in the film, Erik had no chance at life. He seemed to have it all… good parents, beautiful home, seemed like a generally a good person. It was very heartbreaking to see his parents taking the trip to see their son that they will never see have a chance at life or another shot to make it alright. I felt a deep connection with this documentary because I have had loved ones taken because of the system and, though we should not less the seriousness of their…

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  • LIT By Mary Karr Analysis

    The following excerpt will be based off the memoir titled “LIT,” by Mary Karr published in 2010 by Harper Perennial Publishers. I will be sharing a brief background on the author’s story and purpose. I will also give criticisms and opinions of the memoir. Excluding the fact that I was demanded to pick a text to read, analysis, and report on, I chose Mary Karr’s memoir “LIT” simply because the titled sparked my attention—and I’m glad it did. The text captures my attention firstly by being so…

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  • Comparison Of Raymond's Run 'And Everything Will Be Ok'

    It seems like the stories “Raymond’s Run” and “Everything Will Be Ok” are very different from each other. “Raymond’s Run” is about a girl who loves to run but has a big responsibility to watch over her brother who is “not quite right in the head,” while on the other hand, “Everything Will Be Ok” is about a boy who finds a cat that’s not in very good shape, but still decides to take him home and try to make him better. The authors both portray the theme that it is important to be your own person…

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  • Catch The Moon Analysis

    Cintrón & Son Auto Parts and Salvage, he had to clean and polish a large amount of hubcaps. He wasn’t really looking forward to it either. In the beginning, Luis knew that “...his father has had more than one reason to wish it was plain Jorge Cintrón”, which included the group of friends he hung out with (page 440). Luis had felt disappointment coming from his father. When his father asked him to come to look at one of Naomi’s intact hubcaps, he “tossed a wrench he’d…

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  • Violence In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

    to succumb to a nuclear apocalypse? The critically acclaimed author, Cormac McCarthy, devises his own interpretation of a fallout, and expresses it through his literary masterpiece, The Road. McCarthy’s novel shares the experiences of a father and son wandering through an ash-filled and decimated wasteland in a post-nuclear war scenario, and their encounters with the few remaining survivors. McCarthy depicts the end of the end of morality, and the decline of religion simultaneously with the…

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