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  • Brave New World Huxley's Predictions

    the future, the world of BNW and our present world, they have a lot of similarities and differences, Huxley's predictions are definitely true and that America is definitely moving toward the world Huxley envisioned and predicted. For example the drug Soma that the people use in the future to make them feel happy, in our present world we use like smoking or doing drugs to feel happy. Another example is the Sex topic in Brave New World and also Government control, they have all the power over all…

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  • Totalitarian Government In Brave New World

    In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley describes a totalitarian government that controls every aspect of every citizen's life. The government controls its citizens with science, technology, factories, and an industrial based religion. Throughout the book Huxley uses these themes to show the kind of society the World Controllers are trying to create. He does this to show what science and technology can do to a society. Huxley also shows that when technology is in the wrong hands society can take a…

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  • Monogamous Relationships In Brave New World

    flaws, un fulfillment proves societies instability. The people of the World State are supposed to feel nothing but happiness and if they ever do not feel happy, they have soma to rely on. Characters such as Fanny, Bernard and Helmholtz are individuals that rely on soma quite often. If conditioning was perfect and society was stable, soma would not be needed. When first introduced to Fanny Crowne the reader immediately learns about how unfulfilled she feels. When she talks to Lenina she says she…

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  • Marxism In Brave New World

    “Everyone belongs to everyone else,” exclaims the voice in the dream of the innocence in Aldous Huxley’s future world - the hypnopaedic observation deterring singleness in friendship and love (Huxley, 35). In a sense in this “brave new world,” Huxley illustrates a society to achieve a state of stability, a loss of individuality, and the undoing of Mother Nature must occur. Along the extensive use of hypnopaedic training, fetal conditioning, and the ability of convention, any individual can be…

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  • Humanism In Brave New World

    Emotions are a fundamental element of humanism. Humans have sex for reproduction purposes as well as for physical pleasure but pleasure is not received unless emotions are present. Soma is portrayed in Brave New World as a drug that cheapens the meaning of Sexual pleasure (Huxley). The more Soma that the people of Brave New World take the more that they forget about the emotions that they are supposed to have. All individuals are different, one is not able to create a world of the same…

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  • In Loving Memory Analysis

    In Loving Memory of Philip K. Dick SOMA is a sci-fi Horror experience developed by Frictional Games. They are the developers responsible for creating Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the Penumbra series. I don’t typically play games that are in the Horror genre, and this is the first game I’ve played by this particular developer. Now sci-fi games, that’s completely different. I can deal with a little bit of horror in that case. At first, I thought I was stepping into a space station. It was a very…

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  • Brave New World Condition Analysis

    The drug “soma” is introduced in the beginning of the novel. Soma is the true meaning if happiness in Brave New World. The society in Brave New World needs to use soma as necessary for the stability of the system. The lower classes Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons use soma on the daily basis. On the other hand, the higher class such as Alphas and Betas do not need to meditate in order to feel stable. Soma belongs to everyone in the state society but the once…

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  • Isolation In Brave New World Essay

    unhappy. Brave New World focuses on how happiness and truth cannot coexist through the use of soma, the use of science, and the theme of isolation. Soma fits into the utopian picture of absolute happiness. It is what completely erases the pain and misery creating a world where the only feeling is contentment; “soma stands for alienation, de-humanization and superficial mind-numbing pleasure” (Schermer). Soma causes the inhabitants of the World State to feel so…

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  • Motherhood In Brave New World

    Each person being made to fit a certain criteria take away any individuality, the removal of natural birth takeaway important relationships that are created between humans, and Soma takes away any emotion that is negative. Everyone can be conditioned to fit what the world needs but that does not mean it will make the world perfect no matter how much science is used. A perfect world can never exist, taking away negative aspects…

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  • Technology In Brave New World Essay

    animal,” resulting in many deaths just to achieve a single successful outcome (Dovey). Incidentally, people consume antidepressant drugs to make them feel better about themselves temporarily just to block out all of the negative emotions. Similarly, soma and antidepressants both have the same purpose, to remove all non-positive feelings. Equally important, technology nowadays seems to rip away people’s individuality because creativity “is simply there for us” on social media now (Arnold). Social…

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