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  • Brave New World Freedom Analysis

    Conditioning the characters is a form of having them imprisoned in the state because no one knows any better. Everyone is happy now because soma is given as candy and no one feels any other emotion. When lying on a death bed, “there’s one thing we can be certain of; whoever he may have been, he was happy when he was alive. Everybody’s happy now” (p. 65). The citizens lack individuality in the…

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  • Similarities Between Lord Of The Flies And Brave New World

    the conch in Lord of the Flies and soma in Brave New World; both of which play pivotal roles in each of the respective societies. Also evident in each of the books is the contrasts between the two main protagonist. Each protagonist - John in Brave New World and Ralph in Lord of the Flies- are in different dilemmas in each of the societies; John is trying not to…

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  • Drugs In Brave New World Essay

    In our modern era, drugs and technology play increasingly progressive roles. Their presence can bring about positive changes, like medical breakthroughs or long-distance communication, but they also may elicit severe repercussions. If people, from politicians to scientists, begin to abuse substances, humanity may suffer. It can be extremely difficult to understand these dynamics, but Aldous Huxley is one such author who examines the significance and potential of these instruments. In Brave New…

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  • A Visit To An Indian Analysis

    The first thing they see on their visit is a community celebration. There are pounding drums and a cross is raised featuring a man and an eagle. A young man walks into a pile of writhing snakes and he is whipped until he collapses bleeding. They meet John, a handsome blond man dressed in the Indian style. He speaks perfect english and explains that he wanted the honor of being the sacrifice but the elders would not let him. They saw him as an outsider. He tells them that his mother Linda came…

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  • Classical Conditioning In Brave New World

    who do the simplest jobs. To many people the world is complete, but to others, it seems they don’t have individuality and they think that things are unnatural. In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the government controls the peace and citizens with soma, a caste system and classical conditioning for many reasons. The…

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  • Examples Of Satire In Brave New World

    The drug usage in the novel Brave New World is outrageous and endless. All groups of people offer drugs to their friends when they “look glum” (60). By telling them “what you need is a gramme of soma”, people are accustomed to suppressing their feelings in outrageous manners (60). The children also take soma…

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  • Language And Propaganda In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

    controls deludes their civilians is by the promotion of soma. Soma is a hallucinogenic drug and a stimulant that has been produced and manufactured by their society that causes people to have a change of mood, similar to the consumption of marijuana in today’s world. The World State has encouraged the consumption of soma and has promoted it for centuries to its citizens. The civilians of the World State have been brought up to believe that soma must be consumed and taken to achieve happiness.…

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  • Essay On George Orwell's Vision Of The Future

    instead of being aware of others things. Postman saw Huxley's vision as the idea that people “adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think.”Throughout the novel, Brave New World, it is clearly seen that the technology society adores is soma which allows many to block unwanted sensations. These unwanted sensations include sadness, and discomfort that are abnormal to feel in the World Sate because everyone is meant to be happy. When Lenina went to New Mexico with Bernard to the…

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  • Ignorance In Brave New World, By Aldous Huxley

    life and be happy without dealing with the problem. Unfortunately, this may be the direction we are going in, and Huxley tries to show this in the book. In the book, people are able to leave the pressures of life with the use of a hallucinogen called soma. This drug allows a psychedelic trip which leaves the body worthless, while the person’s consciousness escapes reality. This shows how the people of this society react to adversity. This mindset…

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  • Brave New World Huxley's Predictions

    the future, the world of BNW and our present world, they have a lot of similarities and differences, Huxley's predictions are definitely true and that America is definitely moving toward the world Huxley envisioned and predicted. For example the drug Soma that the people use in the future to make them feel happy, in our present world we use like smoking or doing drugs to feel happy. Another example is the Sex topic in Brave New World and also Government control, they have all the power over all…

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