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  • Analysis Of The Instagram Survey

    college students to industry professionals, few to name; a teacher, a childcare assistant, a fashion buyer, event planner, brand manager, security, tv production, advertising executive, a model and a makeup artist. When asked in question six do you use social media? 100% of respondents answered yes. Instagram was the most popular app used by the respondents followed by the newly formed app Snapchat. 49.3% said they are active regularly, 46.7% said they are very active and 6.7% saying they are…

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  • Qlt1 Task 1

    connections in the digital world. People between the age 13-17 are finding ways to strengthen their relationships in the real world as making friends through social media. I play a lot of videogames and I have a lot of friends from all over the world, and one of the best things about is that I can hang out with them no matter what. I use social media a lot for both videogames and texting and they are both great, you also don’t feel so lonely because there is always someone on the microphone you…

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  • Reflection On Skydiving By Alan Finder

    The argument the author, Alan Finder, is making on the topic of social media can be very controversial and broad. I disagree with the idea of students being fully judged by their social media accounts. Social media sites have created a virtual platform where people can express their true feelings, acknowledge the cool things they do, and post pictures of themselves or other things that help build their self-esteem. It can be considered a fun space for people of older age that has a useful…

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  • Assignment 1 Task Analysis

    From the view of being online it’s indeed very social. Sharing what you’re doing and chatting online makes leads people together. People know what their friends are doing, maybe they post a comment on picture which leads to a conversation? This is the bright side of social media and what I believe is the idea behind Facebook. Having a family group on Facebooks messenger makes the family interact more with each…

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  • The Importance Of Traditional Media And Social Media

    share and exchange information conveniently, which is because of social media. Over 50% of people knew breaking news from social media in 2012 but there still were more people attaining news via traditional media overall (Morejon, 2012). Traditional media such as newspaper, TV, broadcast, radio and magazine, still provide a useful way for people to receive information. These two media seems have a competitive relationship. Though social media have become an important way to broadcast news,…

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  • The Negative Effects On Mental Health And Social Media

    Social Media Social media is an online media to facilitate the user for share or create something and social media can also be used as a medium to make a friendship. Nowadays, social media is very important and we can not be separated from social media. it is very useful for human life today. Althouh social media brings many benefits to our life like its facilitate us to get an information and make a friendship, social media also brings many negative impact to our life . for example, its can…

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  • Article Essay: Is Technology Killing Our Friendships?

    Today, over 76% of teenagers use social media and 94% of teens check their phone daily. Tennagers sepnd too much time with and on their phones. This causes them to miss real life connections, it can lead to think poorly about themselves, and it gives them a feeling that they have a lot of true friends on social media when in fact they don’t. Technology seems to be connecting us but it’s separating and isolating us more than it’s doing any form of good. To begin with, technology is hurting us by…

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  • Social Media And Interpersonal Communication

    Social media has caused the world to contract in size and change the way in which persons communicate with each other on a daily basis. “The term “social media” refers to the wide range of Internet-based and mobile services that allow users to participate in online exchanges, contribute user created content, or join online communities.” (Dewing, 2010). When the first social media site Six Degree was created in 1997, social media was still considered a new phenomenon. Fast forward 20 years later…

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  • The Positive Effects Of Facebook's Impact On Social Life

    of the most popular social networking platforms which allows individuals to like, share, tag and post pictures, statuses and life events. Websites such as Facebook (FB) has affected how we communicate as individuals from the likes of our friends, family members and even our romantic partners. Facebook does have an effect in our social lives but the main point is based on how it affects family relationships. Facebook dominance Facebook has become one of the most dominant social networking…

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  • Impacts Of Social Media On Youth

    Impacts of Social Media on Youth AMIT KUMAR (Assistant Professor, Dyal Singh Evening College, Delhi University) Abstract Social media is an electronic medium of communication that occur through the use of two or more electronic device that allow human being to initiate, share or exchange information, ideas, pictures, videos including chatting and talking. In today’s world, Social media is playing very important role which influenced the lifestyle of people. Social media has impact the…

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