Negative Effects Of Facebook On Family Relationships

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1. Introduction
This essay will discuss the topic of how Facebook affects family relationships. Facebook is a social networking site that individuals all over the world utilise in order to keep in contact with each other. Facebook has affected family relationships both positively and negatively. This essay will firstly discuss what normal family relationships should be like. It will then discuss what family relationships were like before Facebook was invented. Thirdly, this essay will discuss how Facebook affects the family relationships positively. Lastly, this essay will explain how Facebook affects family relationships negatively.
2. Family relationships and how they are affected
2.1. Normal family relationships

“A family is a group of
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How Facebook affects family relationships positively

In modern times, technology is advancing and social networking is becoming very popular, especially among the younger generation. Facebook is a social networking site that has become very popular and enables individuals to keep in contact with each other.
Sorensen (2015) discusses how parents are able to supervise their children’s online activities by simply joining Facebook. This is a good thing as parents can identify if there are any issues that they need to address. Most children upload pictures of parties or events that they have been to and this will enable parents to see what their children are getting up to when they are not home. By observing what their children are posting, parents are able to develop a sense of trust with their children which strengthen their relationship.
Seidman (2015) points out that Facebook is an effective tool utilised that helps maintain relationship techniques. Facebook helps prosper relationships from a distance by simply uploading a status that makes an individual’s partner feel appreciated (Seidman, 2015). Koifman (2014) adds to this by saying Facebook enables parents to communicate with their children when their children go to university or another country. Facebook helps take the strain of long distance relationships away. I am able to communicate with family in Portugal with the help of
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How Facebook affects family relationships negatively

As immense as Facebook seems, it can also affect family relationships negatively. Wong (2015) illustrates this point by saying that individuals who utilise Facebook may feel that their relationships are not as immense as other family relationships, which may result in conflict with their own families.
Altschule (2015) emphasises how social media adds pressure to most relationships due to individuals being addicted to various social networking sites. To add to this, Altschule (2015) points out how some people are so obsessed with social media that they forget about the people around them. This is the problem in most families. Both teenagers and adults are so caught up in social media that they cannot sit at the dinner table without their cell phone in their hand or near them. My family tends to not even respond to what others are saying because they are too busy on Facebook.
According to Bolluyt (2015), an individual’s mood is determined by what their friends are posting on Facebook. “The researchers found that moods were contagious; the users who saw more positive posts wrote more positive posts, while those who saw more negative posts were more negative in their own posts” (Bolluyt, 2015). Therefore, if an individual is in a bad mood based on a post, the individual may either take his or her mood out on his family, or the individual may distance themselves from their family and sit in their room. This could cause disturbances

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