Impact Of Social Media On Adolescents

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Positive impact of social media on adolescents
Social media has invaded our lives enormously for the past decade. Children, adolescents and adults have been using the media websites on daily basis. The social media includes any website that allows social interaction such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and blogs etc. This range of sites provides teens with a platform for entertainment and communication (O’Keeffe & Clark-Pearson, 2011). Many researchers have conducted studies on the potential problems that are accompanied with the adolescents’ use of social media such as cyber bullying, “Facebook depression”, and exposure to bad content. However, parents cannot stop teens from using social media because it also has a great positive impact on their personality development. Socialization and Communication, enhanced learning opportunities, and accessing health information are some of the benefits that adolescents can get from using social media.
Social media’s negative impact on teenagers
Social media can negatively affect a teenager’s behavior such as inappropriate content; lack
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Reliable resources are available to adolescents on diverse types of topics such as signs of depression, stress reduction, and sexually transmitted diseases. Teenagers with severe diseases can easily access websites through which they van find supportive groups and networks of similar conditions. The mobile technologies that teenagers are using such as cell phones, and text messaging have produced many improvements in their health care such as increased medication loyalty, better disease understanding because of the variety of information that is provided on social networks, and fewer missed appointments. Teenagers have greater opportunities to learn about health concerns and can also communicate to doctors very easily and at any time through social networks (O’Keeffe & Clark-Pearson,

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