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  • The Negative Effects Of A Filter Bubble

    Social media has opened up countless possibilities for society. It has had several positive benefits such as allowing humans to interact with each other whether it be when they’re in the same city or even across the world from each other. Today’s culture heavily relies on this phenomenon called social media and although it has brought so many positive benefits it also has it’s negative ones. Social media has heavily influenced people's lives therefore causing young adults to be exposed to…

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  • Children Should Not Be On Social Media Essay

    take into consideration should they let their children be on social media at such a young age? There is a huge debate going on involving if children should or should not be on social media. There are many cons to children being on social media. Why is it so bad for children to be on social media? First, they can be exposed to dangerous or harmful content. Secondly, there is a cyberbullying that your child can get involved in. Third, social media can be a distraction from their school work. To…

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  • Analysis Of Hooked On Our Smartphones By Jane Brody

    Are We Hooked? In the article, “Hooked on Our Smartphones,” author Jane E. Brody argues that technology is taking over our lives in a negative way. She claims that people are hooked on technology, and should take a break and enjoy everything around us. Psychotherapist, Nancy Colier “ask “what really matters?” in life” (Par 3). Brody develops her argument by using multiple examples and sitting creatible outside sources. The author mentions Mr. Miranda's observervations of “scenarios, [everyone…

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  • Best Work Reflection Essay

    Best Work Reflection #3 It seems silly to write about something on social media since most of the time people are just scrolling by and not even recognizing what your writing. But Instagram has helped me see a purpose for social media and has sparked a passion for photography. With my photos, I want to catch someone's eye and make them stop and think. I’ve used Instagram for a couple of years now, and I upload pictures frequently. Right from the start, I tried taking photos of whatever I could;…

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  • How Does Technology Drive

    a way to connect with others. Society as a whole attributes to this source because they rely on the constant interaction and feedback from outside perspectives. Although social networking has connected millions of people across the world and provides many opportunities to people with goals and aspirations, the reality of social media is that people thrive from likes, comments, and shares and a person's online status affects their technology drive. This drive comes from a sense of importance and…

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  • Social Media Frauds

    when it was first designed for research, education, and government organizations. Now the internet can be used for social networking, video/music streaming, web browsing, shopping, bills, email, etc. This massive compilation of data…

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  • Social Media Should Be Banned In College Essay

    difficult courses do numerous assignments that require the complete attention and focus of the student. However, students are not acknowledging the fact that they do not realize the negative consequences of taking thirty minutes in checking their social media accounts when they could be working on an academic assignment at that time. Jacobsen, and Forste, (2011) their research indicated that there are numerous ways that people can learn such as through recording lectures and also type up notes.…

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  • How Does Social Media Affect Society

    Social media has evolved many aspects of our lives, especially in the way we communicate and relate to each other. For instance, social media has made our world a lot smaller in many ways because we can stay in touch easily with friends and families across the globe at the tip of our finger tips. This is also true in the business world, where large corporations and even smaller companies have taken advantage of social media platforms in order to reach its’ consumers. Business advertisements…

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  • Social Media Affecting Teenager's Mental Health

    Is social media affecting teenager’s mental health in today's society? In today's society, Social media is at its very height with teens having it become part of their daily lives. They have clearly had an influence on today’s society. Apps such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram have become a catalyst for the spread of racism and hate which could lead to teenage depression and anxiety. But the key aspect discussed, is social media affecting teenager’s mental health? Social media has been…

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  • Effect Of Social Media On Mental Health

    Social Media: How does it affect Our Mental Health? While social media is one of the things that has been enabled by the new technology of this era, it has given us a means of communication to others around the world and a huge influence on our generation, but there are pros and cons of when it comes to our mental health. Social media is something that everyone in this generation is attached to. We, as in my generation, feel the need to either if its recording and keeping…

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