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  • Hotel Management System Case Study

    AN OVERVIEW OF TELEMATICS 1.1 INTRODUCTION Telematics established in 1987 and later acquired by Bahri & Mazroei is a provider of Converged Building Systems, which covers ICT Systems (Information and Communication Technology) like Structured Cabling, Data Networks, Telephoning, etc. and ELV (Extra Low Voltage) Systems like Security, Fire, BMS, Guest Room Management Systems and Car Park etc. Telematics has “ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification” and it’s arena…

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  • Soil Water And Air Pollution Essay

    Chapter: Soil, Water and Air Pollution 1. Introduction: Definitions of soil, water and air pollution; sources and types of soil, water and air pollution, soil and water pollution status in India With rapid increase and development in industrial and agricultural sectors along with population explosion, huge amount of organic and inorganic waste is released in environment and causing serious threats to environment and agro-ecosystem. This procedure can bring about a danger in the human wellbeing.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Panjwai, Kandahar, Afghanistan

    Panjwai, Kandahar, Afghanistan, known as the heart of the Taliban, the birthplace; and I am headed there. I had just said goodbye to my wife whom at this point I have been married to for 4 months, and was now on my way to a combat deployment. My emotions were all over the place. I knew that I have to be the strong soldier for my peers, the soldier my leaders can trust and depend on, but I am also the loving husband that had to say goodbye to his wife. Furthermore, I knew that this could quite…

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  • Space Exploration History

    Space exploration is defined by Encyclopedia Britannica as the investigation, by means of manned and unmanned spacecraft, of the reaches of the universe beyond Earth’s atmosphere and the use of the information so gained to increase knowledge of the cosmos and benefit humanity. Today, the study of space is mainly carried out by astronomers; where previous discoveries were chiefly made by physical exploration conducted by unmanned space probes, satellites, and manned spaceflights. These ongoing…

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  • Functional Mobility Essay

    Functional mobility/transfers: Lou explained that she has very minimal issues with mobility if any at all. She has no issues getting up and down her stairs. She has overworked her wrist which has led to arthritis. She wears a brace to help support her wrist and she received a cortisone shot about two weeks ago. She does not wear the brace all the time. The brace is only worn while she works, just as a precaution. Dressing, personal device care: She is able to dress herself every day with no…

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  • Sick Building Syndrome Case Study

    health may be greater. The building occupants may be exposed to the variety of contaminants whether in the form of gases and particles derived from office machines, construction activities, cleaning products, carpets and furnishing, perfumes, cigarette smoke, water-damaged building materials, microbial growth (fungal, mold and bacterial), insects, and outdoor pollutants because the indoor environment are highly complex (CDC, 2013). Indoor environmental quality is most simply describes as the…

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  • Short Story: The North Pond Hermit

    The hermit set out of camp at midnight, carrying his backpack and his bag of break-in tools, and threaded through the forest, rock to root to rock, every step memorized. Not a boot print left behind. It was cold and nearly moonless, a fine night for a raid, so he hiked about an hour to the Pine Tree summer camp, a few dozen cabins spread along the shoreline of North Pond in central Maine. With an expert twist of a screwdriver, he popped open a door of the dining hall and slipped inside, scanning…

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  • Madiha Research Paper

    Madiha is six years old. Her birthday is March twenty-ninth. Madiha enjoys reading books and doing her homework. She loves to play with her friends. Once upon a time, there was a girl named Mia. Every day, she would go to her aunt's house. Every day, she thought the walk was boring. Until one day, she went to a shop, and she found a beautiful rug. She took the rug home, and she found out that it was a magic carpet. She flew everywhere. She went to India to see an elephant. She went to…

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  • Adipic Acid Case Study

    Adipic acid is mainly use as monomer in manufacture Nylon 6/6 fiber, plasticizer, grease, polyurethane etc. There are several countries in the world that manufacturing the adipic acid. But there also countries that just is a supplier for this adipic acid to any factory that need adipic acid in their countries. The main countries that produce adipic acid are United State of America and also China. Almost ninety percent of adipic acid manufactured in United State of America is used to produce…

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  • Quaker Oats: Branding Challenges: Quaker Oats

    Unfortunately, some companies have mismanaged their greatest asset—their brands. This is what befell the popular Snapple brand almost as soon as Quaker Oats bought the beverage marketer for $1.7 billion in 1994. Snapple had become a hit through powerful grassroots marketing and distribution through small outlets and convenience stores. Analysts said that because Quaker did not understand the brand’s appeal, it made the mistake of changing the ads and the distribution. Snapple lost so much…

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