The Business of Fancydancing

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  • Summary: The Business Of Fancydancing

    The Business of Fancydancing refers to Alexie’s first collection, a collection of five short stories and forty poems. His writings portray the balance Native Americans must find between their tribal traditions on their reservation and the Western environment found outside their reservation lands. Alexie uses the Spokane/Coeur D’Alene Indian Reservation at Wellpinit in eastern Washington to describe this conflict. Alexi writes in a way that resonates with all minorities in the United States. His writing articulately details the tremendous struggles that many minorities face in our modern world. The book is structured with three specific sections titled: “Distances,” “Evolution,” and “Crazy Horse Dreams.” “Fancydancing”, from which Alexie derives his title, refers to the ritualistic tribal dances through which major elements of the history and tradition of Native Americans are communicated. These traditional dances are performed in elaborate costumes decorated with the feathers of rare birds and with ornaments…

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  • Sherman Alexie's Life And Accomplishments

    Washington University, he met a professor name Alex Kuo who mentored him and taught him to connect to on-native literature that also inspired him to be a writer. After meeting Kou he went on to create his own native literature first starting with poems, then novels and later on creating books. In this paper, I am going to explain Sherman Alexie’s work and accomplishment’s that help make him the man that he is today. Alexie’s writing usually explores themes of hopelessness, poverty,…

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  • Smoke Signal's Importance Of Story Telling

    Smoke Signals: The Importance of Story Telling Most of us are familiar with storytelling, being told stories throughout our lives. Story telling plays a huge role in Native American culture. Stories are told within households and communities to richen the relations and bonds between people. In Sherman Alexie’s film Smoke Signals, stories are used to show relationships between Suzy Song, Victor Builds-The-Fire, and Thomas Joseph which is illustrated in the stories shared between them. In the…

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  • Part Time Indian And Smoke Signals Comparison Essay

    Often at times, movies intend to mirror themes presented in a novel of similar context. Sherman Alexie, award-winning author and filmmaker, implements this technique and displays commonalities between his auto-fictional novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and his co-production of Smoke Signals. Both selections incorporate the stereotypical Indian lifestyle and culture such as chronic alcoholism and devastating poverty. However, there are also slight differences between the…

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  • Sherman Alexie Should Be Banned Book Analysis

    In the YouTube video called “PEN Banned Books Week Google Hangout on the Air with Sherman Alexie,” PEN representative Deji Olukotun and American Library Association Office Director Barbara Jones interview Sherman Alexie. This video highlights authors whose books have been banned; therefore, Sherman Alexie is a guest for this interview. Olukotun and Jones ask him a series of questions about his novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. In the interview, there are three intriguing…

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  • Analysis Of The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian And Smoke Signals

    While in the process of writing, authors often mirror themes in each of their publications. Sherman Alexie, author of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and co-producer of Smoke Signals, demonstrates this technique through the aforementioned works by introducing topics such as family relationships, identity crises, the power of friendships, alcoholism, and the inevitability of death in both storylines. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian reveals the story of a young…

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  • Sherman Alexie's Life

    His work cover themes like racism, alcoholism, poverty , injustice , etc that are common problems in Native Americans. He published his first collection of poetry In 1992 " The Business of Fancydancing: Stories and Viviane Poems" . One year later his work propose was out ,"The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven" in 1993 which won a PEN/Hemingway Award for Best First Book of Fiction.Sherman writes followed up with his first novel, Reservation Blues (1995) and a second, Indian Killer…

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  • 'Success In The Story Superman And Me'

    In the story “Superman and Me”, the main character seeks success and defies all odds. His name’s Sherman, a Spokane Indian which lived in a small reservation in Washington. Being arrogant with lots of curiosity he began to read a new language which he was foreign to. His autobiography explains how the love his father had for books made him read books. He loved his father and because he loved his father he chose to love books as well. Who could’ve ever imagined that a Superman comic book would…

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  • Sherman Alexie Thesis

    Sherman made his first publication, The Business of Fancydancing, in 1992 shortly after finishing college ("Sherman Alexie Biography"). He later made a movie, which he wrote the screenplay for and directed, loosely based on the poem. His best known work The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, is a collection of short stories ("Sherman Alexie Biography"). He also wrote the screenplay for and produced Smoke Signals a movie based on a story from his book The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight…

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  • Sherman Alexie Research Paper

    Education Despite his physical difficulties, Sherman Alexie excelled academically and eventually enrolled in a public high school in Reardan located twenty miles outside the reservation Alexie was the only Native American student. His success in the classroom and on the basketball court earned him a scholarship to Gonzaga University in 1985, where he planned to study medicine and law, but began to abuse alcohol. Two years later, Alexie discovered that he was unhappy with his chosen fields and…

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