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  • Secondhand Smoking Effect

    person commits is smoking. Having all of those carcinogens going into your body is like a death sentence. To top it off, people who smoke publicly affect their peers. Having designated smoking areas in public places would reduce the risk of second hand smoking. There are too many health risks that affect victims of secondhand smoke. Smoking areas would not only lessen the amount of people affected by secondhand smoke, but it would also decrease the number of people who smoke publicly. We must also find the places in communities where second hand smoking is most found. The creation of designated smoking areas would dwindle the insecurity of second hand smoking. Smoking has been part of American culture since…

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  • Smoke Signals Book Vs Movie Analysis

    They both are fruit, but taste completely different,” King should know having written many novels that are adapted to films. Both the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian and screen play of the film Smoke Signals, written by Sherman Alexie, attempts to demolish the idea of an archetypal aboriginal person from a Native “Rez,” but the film addresses this in a more effective way. The film has a naïve Thomas and an indifferent Victor who travel out of the “Rez” to collect the…

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  • Cannibutter Analysis

    your butter through the filter to remove any remaining particulate matter, after all, no one likes extra chewiness in their brownies. At this point the butter is ready to be used in any of your favorite recipes or stored for later use. Word of caution and responsibility, clearly mark your Cannabutter and Cannabutter products and keep them out of reach of children. That is all there is to it. Gather your materials first. Then grind and simmer your butter and cannabis. Lastly, strain the butter a…

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  • The Importance Of Legalizing Marijuana In California

    popular beliefs of long term marijuana users is that people who use it have a lower IQ. “For example, a study showed that people who started smoking marijuana heavily in their teens and had an ongoing cannabis use disorder lost an average of eight IQ points between ages 13 and 38. lost mental abilities did not fully return in those who quit marijuana as adults. Those who started smoking marijuana as adults did not show notable IQ declines” ( Additional long terms effects of…

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  • Personal Narrative: Melanie Martinez Concert

    The theme was space retro; therefore, it had a quirky 1960s look. Everything was bright orange; the walls, the doors, the chairs and the bar counter. There was a large space shuttle with the company’s logo on it hanging on the ceiling. The walls were decorated with various posters of artists in the 1960s. Moving forward, we followed the line to the back of the building to the stage area. The room was packed with fans. Several of them wore salmon colored t-shirts with our beloved singer’s face…

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  • Essay On Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

    environment for every citizen, and the legalization of recreational marijuana would do the exact opposite by polluting our towns and cities with the pungent smell and smoke of a drug that should remain illegal for recreational use. The recreational use of marijuana can drastically impair one’s mental functions and abilities. Although marijuana use is not as harmful as other drugs, such as Heroin or Cocaine, it can still be addictive for the people using this drug. Research suggests that 30…

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  • Reflective Essay On Marijuana

    fines and preform many hours of community service. What I regret most about smoking marijuana is all of the time I wasted while being high and just not being able to be productive like I would have been sober. Instead I spent my time playing video games mindlessly, dazing into the television, or just sleeping instead of possibly studying or being active. I can recall instances where I needed to read or study for a test or quiz and instead I would smoke then not be able to study because I could…

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  • Marijuana Is A Serious Problem

    Marijuana is a Serious Problem Cannabis also known as Marijuana is a “ greenish-grey mixture of the dried, shredded leaves and flower of Cannabis Sativa” (NIDA), Many users smoke marijuana “ in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints; many use pipes called bongs” (NIDA). Marijuana is a drug frequently used by teenagers. It is used to relax and it is used as a drug to get away from the user 's problems. Marijuana causes a lot of problems in teenagers brains. Marijuana causes learning problems for…

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  • Firefighter Research Paper

    jealous of other firefighters’ POV emergency light set-ups. We all want to have the best light setup, but we have to face it, there will always be another guy with a better set up. From the hideaways, to the surface mounts and the grill lights, you’ve got them all, but they never seem to be enough. 8. When saying goodbye to a fellow firefighter you say, “See you at the big one.” It’s like a calling card, no matter if they’re on your department or not, you end each conversation with a handshake,…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

    Those who regularly smoke pot have low functioning immune systems which prohibits their body from being able to fight off certain illnesses. Abnormality in certain cells can also be acquired from weed, as well as many lung complications. As claimed by the National Institute of Drug Abuse “Marijuana smoke irritates the lungs, and frequent marijuana smokers can have the same breathing problems that tobacco smokers have. These problems include daily cough and phlegm, more frequent lung illness, and…

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