Sierra Leone Creole people

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  • The Grandissimes Analysis

    The Cruelty of Society Towards Women in The Grandissimes Ashley Renshaw says, “Always stand for what you believe in because it might just be the change the world needs.” Like Renshaw, Aurora and Clotilde go to extreme measures to stand firm in what they believe in while encountering many obstacles along the way. In George Washington Cable’s book, The Grandissimes, Cable shows his readers the harshness society presses upon Creole women during the nineteenth century. Cable’s depiction of the situation of women in the South, common with societal expectancies during the nineteenth century across America, categorizes women as passive bystanders throughout The Grandissimes. To begin, Cable allows his readers to see the harshness society throws upon…

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  • The Gullah And Geechea

    John 's River in Florida. This coastal region with its many barrier islands is separated from the mainland by creeks, rivers, and marshes. The islands were accessible only by boat until the first bridges were built around 1950.Those enslaved in the Carolinas referred to themselves as Gullah and the slaves in Georgia and northeastern Florida referred to as Geechee. The word “Gullah” is short for the “Gola” people of Angola, and “Geechie” refers to the “Gidzi” people of Sierra Leone. The…

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  • Blood Diamonds Corruption

    Once diamonds were found in Sierra Leone, they were sought out in many other countries. This proved that a certain resource can be anywhere large or small, but the concept of how and why the diamond industry or any concept, such as cotton, will erupt and diffuse if profit is evident. Yet again raising the question of why are there so many more diamonds as a resource in Sierra Leone that any other country. Scientists have proved that diamonds come from the rock kimberlite, which is stored in…

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  • Economic Growth

    Why is there no similarity in growth if countries have the same tools, such as access to resources and historical and social context? According to the CIA Fact book, the data shows that countries do not expand their standard of living at the same pace as each other (263). Countries such as Saudi Arabia and North America have achieved higher living standards than countries in Asia, South America and Africa. Some of the reasons for this difference in economics is that some countries do not change…

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  • Ebola Case Study

    The only problem is, it was a little too late. Africa is the hot zone for this disease, when it was first introduced back in 1976, it came from African creatures. Instead of doing research and only informing the people who are least at risk for obtaining the virus, they should have done more over in Africa and made it a big deal to discuss with the government officials. France had colonial control over Guinea, they should have put their focus on bettering their health systems. If a good amount…

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  • Sierra Leone Gender Gap Analysis

    Introduction: Gender inequality towards women in Sierra Leone can be described as inequitable or impractical compared to the equality of women in developed/western countries. The roles women are expected to play are general expectations such as cooking, cleaning, and staying at home with the children, leaving women in Sierra Leone with very little to no chance of stepping out of these expected roles to prevent being stigmatized or possibly killed (Luna 2016). According to the Social Institutions…

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  • Mask Vs Masquerade

    This tribe resides in western and northwestern Liberia and Eastern Sierra Leone. The work within the image set which inspired my selection was the Bundu Mask from the Mende peoples of the Sande Society, located in the modern-day West African forests of Sierra Leone and Liberia. The work was created during the 19th to 20th century C.E., and was created using wood, cloth, and fiber. Both of these selected works are used as masks, and were made by a member or members of African tribes which reside…

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  • Ismael Beah: A Brief Analysis

    the same after that. “We went out two more times that week and I had no problem shooting my gun” (Beah 120), Beah was afraid of shooting his gun at first and now his going out left and right killing people unwilling to look back at his old memories. Not until UNICEF rescued him, he was still unwillingly to remembering his family or anything about the past. But Esther, his nurse, helped him recover and willing to listen to him. Esther would tell him “just talk about it out load and pretend I am…

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  • Why The American Dream Does Not Die A Sacrifice

    Every individual has their own version of what the American dream means to them. However, the American dream, as described by, is comprised of freedom, equality, opportunity, a life of personal happiness, and material comfort. This meaning describes the perfect life, which is why the word ‘dream’ is used in the phrase American dream. To achieve even one component of this perfect lifestyle, people go through many obstacles and sacrifice many aspects of their lives and parts of…

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  • Charles Taylor Research Paper

    50-year jail sentence on charges of aiding and abetting war crimes during the brutal civil war in neighbouring Sierra Leone. In 1989 Charles Taylor stared the Liberia civil war. He was a warlord and was elected president in 1997. For six year, before he was forced into exile in Nigeria he governed Liberia. He was convicted for 11 charges of war crime and crime against humanity. This was for his alleged role in the brutal civil war in neighbouring Sierra Leone. He was accused of backing rebels…

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