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  • The New House Painting Analysis

    as well as artists. In order to explore the complexities of what the concept of suburbia entails, a clear definition must be established. The Oxford dictionary defines a suburb as that an outlying district of a city, especially a residential one and suburbia as the suburbs or their inhabitants viewed collectively. Since the 1950s, a key goal for many Australians has been home ownership in the suburbs, however such an aspiration is changing in its desirability as reflected in declining home ownership rates in Australia over the last two decades . The reality of Australian suburbia is particularly interesting as it often appears in stark contrast to the mythology of the Australian bush, which has been represented by many artists such as Sidney Nolan and Russell Drysdale. Such works have gained iconographic status and represent a sense…

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  • The Importance Of Perseverance In Betty Smith A Tree Grows In Brooklyn?

    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith is a novel about perseverance through hardship, as Francie Nolan grows up in the impoverished immigrant neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, during the 1910s. Her mother Katie works tirelessly as a janitor all day and must support her family because Francie’s father Johnny is an alcoholic. The Nolan family lives each day uncertain if there will be enough money for the bare necessities, such as food or wood for a fire. Throughout the novel, Francie…

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  • Psychological Power In King Lear And Of Love And Dust

    Both King Lear and Of Love and Dust are stories about characters who seek power, but die because a stronger power is in their way. In both stories, two kinds of power are contrasted: physical power, or violence, and psychological power. Physical power is the kind of power people use when they’re threatening to use or are using brute force on someone else. Cornwall uses this when he blinds Gloucester in King Lear, as does Bonbon when he shoots the hawk as a threat to Marcus in Of Love and Dust.…

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  • The Importance Of Love In The Great Gatsby

    Every day, we hear the term ‘love’ in a plethora of situations. So, what is love? According to Shakespeare, in sonnet 116 - The first quatrain describes love as an unchangeable force in the lines “Love is not love / Which alters when it alteration finds, / Or bends with the remover to remove: / O no! it is an ever-fixed mark.” Shakespeare enforces the fact that true love always perseveres, no matter what it’s up against by using the metaphor, “That looks on tempests and is never shaken” in the…

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  • Essay On Entitlement In King Lear

    Sense of entitlement can be considered an unrealistic or an unmerited expectation that could develop from favorable living conditions and desired treatment at the hands of others. In Shakespeare’s play King Lear, readers are hooked on a story bounded much by the relationship between a parent and a child. This relationship described throughout the play is unnatural due to the sense of entitlement each character demands upon the other. The lies told by various characters throughout the play,…

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  • The Importance Of Being Earnest Social Class Analysis

    Oscar Wilde implements a heavy focusses significant attention on class in The Importance of Being Earnest. People with and without money behave very differently, though strive for the same response and impressions from their peers. The characters in this novel are exaggerated to the point of absurdity when it comes to their obsession with class. Victorian upper class demands its members to keep up an important image in society and value money and appearance above all else, including people.…

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  • Examples Of Greed In King Dr

    In the novel, Edmund shows both greed and dutifulness as a way of showing duplicity of both society as a whole and man in particular. Edmund is a bastard to Gloucester, a duke of England. He has a step-brother, Edgar, who is a son of Gloucester by law, despite not actually being his biological offspring. Edmund shows his inner greed through his famous speech: (add quote, "Thy nature art my goddess") This quote clearly shows Edmund desiring his brother's holdings, lusting after them with a…

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  • An Analysis Of Shakespeare's 'Sonnet XVIII'

    In London was where Shakespeare got his beginning. By the 1590’s Shakespeare was managing an acting company in London. It was called The Lord Chamberlain’s men. While managing this company it became very popular, also Shakespeare began publishing and selling his work. By 1597 he had fifteen plays published and by 1599 Shakespeare and a few business built their own theater on the bank of the Thames River. They later named it The Globe (“Prezi 3”). Some of Shakespeare’s earlier plays include…

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  • Importance Of Satire In Shakespeare's King Lear

    The conglomeration of people that believe that King Lear is the product of the combining of stolen works base their argument on several key works: The True Chronicle History of the life and death of King Leir and his three Daughters, Gonorill, Ragan, and Cordella, whose author remains anonymous; Arcadia by Sir Philip Sidney; and the true story of Sir Brian Annesley. Many people believe that the stories of Goneril, Regan, Cordelia, Kent, and Lear came from “The True Chronicle History of the life…

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  • Comparing Poetry

    Comparing Poetry by William Shakespeare and Phillip Sidney William Shakespeare and Phillip Sidney’s sonnets (specifically, 130 for Shakespeare and 7 for Sidney) do similar things like comparing women to things in nature, but they come up with different conclusions in the end. For example, one could say that Shakespeare compares the woman in his poem to nature in order to prove that it isn’t necessary to be similar nature to make her beautiful and rare. Then, Sidney compares his lady, Stella, to…

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