Secondhand Smoking Effect

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One of the most repulsive acts a person commits is smoking. Having all of those carcinogens going into your body is like a death sentence. To top it off, people who smoke publicly affect their peers. Having designated smoking areas in public places would reduce the risk of second hand smoking. There are too many health risks that affect victims of secondhand smoke. Smoking areas would not only lessen the amount of people affected by secondhand smoke, but it would also decrease the number of people who smoke publicly. We must also find the places in communities where second hand smoking is most found. The creation of designated smoking areas would dwindle the insecurity of second hand smoking. Smoking has been part of American culture since …show more content…
Second hand smoking affects non smokers just as much it affects non smokers. According to the American Lung Association, second hand smoking causes forty-one thousand deaths per year. It’s not like this issue has just came to our people’s attention. Between 1964 and 2014, 2.5 million people lost their lives from exposure to secondhand smoke. That is 2.5 million people too many. Designated smoking areas would cut this number drastically. The novel, SECONDHAND SMOKE EXPOSURE AND CARDIOVASCULAR EFFECTS, by The National Academic Press confirms that, about eighty-five percent of secondhand smoke is composed of sidestream smoke. Sidestream smoke makes particles easier to reach your lungs. Secondhand smoking is a definitive cause of stroke. These smokers are not only hurting themselves, they are ripping away our lives, are they not? I would know because when I was younger, I had very bad asthma. If I went anywhere where someone was smoking or someone had smoked prior, I would get into a huge coughing fit. I would have to got home and use my breathalyzer for about twenty to thirty minutes. I’m not the only one who was affected like this. Second hand smoke is responsible for a hundred fifty thousand to three hundred thousand lower respiratory tract infections in infants and children, according to It’s sad to say that infants around the country are harshly affected by second hand smoking. Second hand smoking causes four hundred and thirty sudden infant death syndrome in the United States annually. The health of innocent people and infants has to end. We must put a stop to this

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