Smoking Persuasive Speech

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Stop Smoking
Does anyone in your family or even one of your friends smoke? Well, if they do, they could be in a lot of danger. Many people are at risk when they smoke cigarettes. There in danger because many people die from cancer each year, which is caused by smoking. Smoking is bad and trying to stop is the best way to live life longer and healthier. Many adults are in a lot of danger when they smoke. Many people are exposed to the smoke and have changes in their phenotype 's. Smoking can cause you to look way older than you are, lots of wrinkles in your skin, and much more. There 's also more serious effects of smoking, such as cancer. Many smokers are diagnosed with lung cancer and have little time to live. “Smoking, the number one
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When someone is around you and is smoking, it can effect you just as bad. This is called second hand smoking. This is important because many people are dying because of someone around them smokes. “It is estimated that secondhand smoke caused nearly 34,000 heart disease deaths each year.” (Secondhand Smoke Facts). This connects to the point because innocent people, get affected just as bad as the person who smokes, and they aren 't even doing anything. Secondhand smokers have effects just as bad as the smoker. “For children, secondhand smoke exposure raises the risk of the following conditions: Ear infections, Asthma attacks, Lung infections, Coughing and wheezing, Heart disease, and Cancer.” (Health Risks of Secondhand Smoke). This is important because people who are second hand smokers, are exposed to horrible effects that aren 't caused by what they are doing, but are caused by the people around them who smoke. Another way to say this is, smoking around others, doesn 't just affect your but the life of the people around …show more content…
Even though, it may be used poorly and built into cigarettes, it still helps people who need help with medical situations. It isn 't just used in medicines but it is also one of the main resources in these medicines. “Researchers are developing a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs with nicotine as their main active ingredient.” This shows that if you take nicotine out of these drugs, then there won 't be a very high chance of the person getting better when dealing with these medical situations. People use the nicotine to deal with depression, anxiety, and lots of other diseases. “Clinical trials are now underway on drugs that use nicotine, which acts on the acetylcholine receptors in the brain — to treat wounds, depression, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer 's disease, Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, anxiety, and other disorders.” (Medical Uses of Nicotine Explored - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.) This evidence supports my claim, because it 's explaining that nicotine is being used in medicine for healing and treating people. In other words, if the nicotine inside of cigarettes is helping people, medical wise, then why should someone

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