The Harmful Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes

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Smoking Cigarettes
Normally everybody deals with a habit either a beneficial or risky one. In the United States teens and young adults, most common bad or risky habit is smoking cigarettes, generally the three extensive effects are; physical appearance drops high risk of cancer, the cost of smoking and leading to second-hand smoking. Typically, the dominant cause is stress. One might lean on the nicotine in a cigarette, some people believe nicotine is stress relive. The most current effect is physical appearance drops. Physical appearance is everything for a person. Unfortunately, smoking cigarettes is immediate effect. A persons skin ages faster than usual with wrinkling, the skin also turns a dark yellow color. Another appearance is he or she’s mouth. Basically, smoking will rotten a person’s mouth out. The tar in a cigarette can build on the person’s teeth thus causing the loss of enamel, tooth decay and bad breath. Without proper dental care and the will to quit smoking will deteriorate the mouth. The chemicals in cigarettes are known to cause thinner hair and hair to prematurely gray over time, also the wounds cuts scraps one might get take longer to heal as the nicotine causes lack of oxygen in the blood stream. The other bad effect of smoking is loss of
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Second hand smoking is the act of one breathing in someone else’s exhale off of their cigarettes. Most restaurants and public places of interest have banned smoking because of the effects second hand smoking Second hand effects children adults anyone who is in the general area. Children are highly effected by second hand smoke as their lungs aren’t fully developed he or she may experience asthma or other lung disease. Pregnant woman that smoke are endangering their children as it might cause premature birth SIDS disease or harm their mental capabilities. One may ask their selves is smoking really worth harming a child, or other

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