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  • Shyness Research Paper

    Shyness is a state of being that is experienced by many people, even adults. Individuals who are shy may experience difficulties pertaining to educational situations, and other circumstances involving social interactions. Shyness, as a behavioral characteristic has been a focus of research in psychology; however, the majority of studies have been conducted on children, in a classroom setting. Societal norms limit the extent to which shy adults are even considered, thus, the focus tends to be on combating shyness in children, rather than adults. The experience of those who are shy is one which is likely surrounded by difficulties with an inner sense of belonging and, possibly, frustration in not being able to express themselves in person. Ultimately,…

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  • Little People Big Problems

    Practice role-playing at home. You be the aggressor, giving your child the opportunity to experience the situation in a familiar and safe environment As you role-play, suggest different responses, such as standing up for oneself, giving a warning of taking the matter to the teacher and of telling other kids about the bullying. Emphasize the importance of involving staff when necessary and of not being alone with the bully. Coach your little one to have more confidence, so they feel capable of…

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  • The Benefits Of Soccer

    “1-2-3… (insert team name)!” These were the exact words I have yelled before every soccer game past and present. I have been playing soccer for about ten years and eight of those years I have been playing at a competitive level. These competitive teams were various local soccer clubs, as well as a professional team’s youth academy. Through these eight years I have had ups and downs, but luckily it is the upside of my many experiences that have helped me become the person I am today. Soccer has…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Socialization Changed My Life

    As the day that I was to start grew closer, I grew more and more anxious . Mom and Dad would ask what was bothering me, but I would tell them “nothing.” I did not want them to be disappointed in me for being scared, but I wanted the comfort their words could bring . Finally, dad said “Not Nothing,” and they sat me down for a chat . I told them that I was afraid, but excited . Dad said it was normal and Mom said it was especially normal since we had been taken out of school and only had each…

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  • Juan's Theory Of Counseling

    non-directive, it provides the client the opportunity to empower himself to achieve his full potential. This theory provides the client to become self-actualized, thus the counselor assists the client to achieve greater genuineness, learn to accept his present condition, and to understand his concept of self and his ideal self. This theory is a good fit, because the client lacks skills of communication in his second language, and he is extremely shy, which based on both problems, the child is…

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  • Diane Levine's Pedagogy Of Perception

    Perception is a powerful concept in society. How we view ourselves and others is dependent on the environment surrounding us. Diane Levine, an American author, educator, and advocate known for her work in media literacy and media effects on children, was able to captivate this concept. “When my son was tested for a coveted spot in a private prekindergarten, he was asked, ‘What color is a banana?’ ‘White,’ he answered. ‘A banana isn’t white!’ he was told.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Being Shy

    SHY “Alex would you please be quiet for one second?” asked my mom. It’s funny that she always says this to me, because I got my talkative side from her. She talks more than I do, most of the time at least. Everyone else thinks that I am just shy, but that is not the case. If you really know me, you know that I am very outgoing. I have a ton of friends, that support me. My friends know my strengths and my weaknesses, and they could tell you that being shy is not one of my weaknesses. Because I…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Twelfth Grade English Class

    To be completely frank with you, this class was a challenge to me. Although this class did have some similarities to my twelfth grade english class, the differences were unfamiliar to my sense, but I am glad I faced it in this semester. A big challenge that I had to face this semester was asking for the proper help I need to improve my writing, and participating in class. I do admit, I never truly faced the challenge of participating in class as much I expected to. Although, I did ask for help,…

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  • The Benefits Of Facebook And Facebook

    I believe some of these people have very intellectual views and the fact that they can share what they think and feel freely brings them and me joy. Michael S. Rosewald in, “Can Facebook help Overcome shyness?” tells us how Larry Cohen feels about the use of Facebook. Cohen says, “The benefits are more obvious, apparent and immediate. But the downsides, at least at first, tend to be less obvious and deeper in the long run.” Rosewald and Cohen believe that the use of Facebook can make you feel…

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  • Essay About Finding Identity

    about my shyness and how I need to get over it or I would be removed from the daycare. I really didn’t mind being removed but I didn’t want to upset her so I said that I would try and then made me promise to be more social at the daycare. Luckily for me it was the weekend and I had time to build up my courage and plan what I was going to say that day I was terribly nervous even the day before the daycare opened. Once that day came I couldn’t stop shaking like a washing machine, I was more…

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