Soccer Experience

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“1-2-3… (insert team name)!” These were the exact words I have yelled before every soccer game past and present. I have been playing soccer for about ten years and eight of those years I have been playing at a competitive level. These competitive teams were various local soccer clubs, as well as a professional team’s youth academy. Through these eight years I have had ups and downs, but luckily it is the upside of my many experiences that have helped me become the person I am today. Soccer has helped me work better with a large amount of people, grow out of my shyness, and realize my true potential.
Before soccer I was accustomed to working with myself and only myself because the work I had been doing in school was mostly independent. I was in for a rude awakening. When I set foot on a team based activity, I was lost. In soccer, an
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I recollect that almost every time I received the ball I would try and dribble my way to the other side so I could score, but, as I learned the hard way, that was a very unproductive way to play the game of soccer. This is shown in my very first game of soccer. I was put in, and almost immediately pulled off by my coach. I still remember what he told me, “Stop playing with blinders on.” At first I did not know what this meant. As I began thinking I realized that I was playing as if I was alone, blind of my teammates’ existence. Eventually, after coaching I learned how to successfully pass the ball. More importantly, I learned how to work with others. The skill of teamwork, is a valuable lesson that will assist me for many future projects and even farther when I eventually enter the workforce. In addition, another important aspect that I learned from soccer is the acceptance of roles within a “team.” By this I mean that I learned that I will not always be the

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