Little People Big Problems

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Little People, Big Problems: How To Handle The More Challenging Aspects Of Preschool

It 's no secret that early learning can lead to later success in life, but what happens when you send your child off to a preschool or daycare and they come back with reports of problems? While it may be easier to give up and keep them home longer, that may not be in anyone 's best interest, particularly if you and/or your partner have professional obligations.

Here are a few of the more pressing challenges your youngster may face and how the two of you can cope together:

Not Getting Along With Others

Making the adjustment from home life to school can be tough, especially since this is most likely your child 's first time away from home for long periods.
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Although discussing the situation with staff and other parents should be done right away, you 're still left with the challenge of empowering your little one to face and handle the bully in an intelligent, acceptable and effective manner.

Problem: Your son or daughter is being bullied.

Solution: Practice role-playing at home. You be the aggressor, giving your child the opportunity to experience the situation in a familiar and safe environment As you role-play, suggest different responses, such as standing up for oneself, giving a warning of taking the matter to the teacher and of telling other kids about the bullying. Emphasize the importance of involving staff when necessary and of not being alone with the bully. Coach your little one to have more confidence, so they feel capable of both defending themselves and doing the right thing.

Your Child Is Shy

Your child won 't look forward to going to preschool everyday if they 're not easily befriending other kids or if they 're painfully shy. While there are different degrees of shyness, it 's probably not something you need to worry too much about, although you do want to help your child overcome this

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