Sidereus Nuncius

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  • How Did Galileo's Influence His Work?

    discovering the existence of the spyglass, Galileo greatly improved its design, tripling its potential magnification, from 3x to 9x. (See picture 3) While the spyglass was originally intended for nautical functions, it wasn't long before curiosity drove Galileo to turn his telescope towards the night sky. Galileo would become the first person to see the craters of the moon, sunspots, the phases of venus, and according to recent studies on Galileo’s work, the discovery of Neptune almost 200 years before it was officially discovered. (See picture 4) Along with these discoveries, Galileo is known for his discovery of four of Jupiter’s moons; Lo, Ganymede, Europa, and Callisto, later to be known as the Galilean moons. In 1610 he published Sidereus Nuncius or the ‘Starry Messenger’ in which he documented his telescopic observations.…

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  • The Great Cultural Movement: Galileo Galilei

    Military Compass of Galileo Galilei”. Perhaps the greatest challenge Galileo faced as a scientist, however, was the inability to establish his researches in public. As an “...outstanding defender and developer of the Copernican system”, he was a scientist highly “...convinced of the correctness of the Copernican system, but had refrained from openly avowing this, settled down at Florence to continue his astronomical observations and his physical experiments”, for he knew that the rash…

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  • Heliocentrism In Religion

    Because of this, Galileo had to show he was allegient to the Church despite supporting Copernicus, but he still supported heliocentrism and wanted the scriptures to be in agreement with it by interpreting the Scriptures differently and using his evidence found from using his telescope. Galileo also wrote several books concerning the planets’ movements and sunspots such as the Sidereus Nuncius and Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems (Westman 11/3 ). These books show his support for…

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