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  • How Did Religion Affect Colonial America

    Religion had a lot of effects on Colonial America. One of the very reasons they settled in the New World, was in search for religious freedom, away from Britain. In this new land they soon formed three regions of colonies that were shaped by religious ideals in regard to politics, culture and society. The Northern colonies were dominated by the Puritans. Ironically, they came to America in search for religious freedom, but strictly enforced their religion on everyone living in their region. They…

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  • The Quakers In New England

    Imagine living in a world where the country dictated the beliefs and religion of it’s people, where there was no separation between the church and the government. This is a problem many people faced when living in Europe in the seventeenth century, before the exploration and colonization of the New World. The Quakers were set in their beliefs they were became “the most uncompromising” of the smaller religious groups “and as a consequence they had taken the heaviest punishment…”. The Quakers…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Breakdown In The Football Field

    Have you ever scored a touchdown before? It all started on a Saturday in October on the thirty yard line of a football field. This is where I began to score my first touchdown. I'm going to tell you how it happened. First of all, it was a chilly Saturday morning in October. The game was held in Reform Alabama at G.S. SPRUILLS Football Field. Before I scored, I kept getting tackled. I would usually gain about four yards each time. Sometimes I would even loose yards. Then, on the next hand…

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  • Pocahontas Struggles

    We’ll build a bridge of love between two worlds” ( This quote was inspired by Pocahontas. Pocahontas was known for bringing the English colonist and the Native Americans together. Even though Pocahontas had many struggles along the way she got the two cultures to come together and work together. Pocahontas married an English colonist named John Rolfe. Therefore she didn’t want conflict between two world. Without Pocahontas the English colonists would of starved.…

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  • How Did The Puritans Affect The Colonies

    The southern colonies were established as economic ventures. The first settlers arriving in the South were mainly farmers, laborers, high status craftsmen and numerous sons of English nobility. The first colony, Jamestown, Virginia, which was set up by the Virginia Company, had a rough start with high death rates due to disease and lack of food. The Virginia Company seemed to have a quick profit of supplies so they did not rely much on England’s support. With high profit they would rather look…

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  • What Impact Did The Puritans Influence The New England Colonies

    King Henry VIII had left the Church of Rome, and thus formed the Church of England. However, many English Calvinists believed that the Church of England needed to be more reformed. This group of Calvinists devised a Protestant movement, called Puritanism, that sought out to purify the Church by removing all Catholic influence. With this intention, the Puritans repeatedly asked King James to grant more reforms, but he felt that the Puritans threatened his authority, for that reason he rejected…

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  • The Differentification Of Settlements In The Chesapeake And New England's Century

    lose their jobs. With the loss of jobs and lost hope of acquiring any land, the British set their sights on the New World. Many journeyed across the Atlantic to populate a variety of areas, ranging from the West Indies to Virginia and Massachusetts’s Bay. Although both the Chesapeake and New England regions were settled by the white English, by 1700 both evolved into distinct societies due to economic,…

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  • Social Development Of The Puritan Society Of New England And Colonial England

    The development of the Puritan society of New England in the Massachusetts Bay area and the Jamestown society of the Chesapeake region before 1700 were similar socially by way of Native Indian encounters and taking of their land and by the difference of the rich and poor in each society. Also, the two societies were similar because they both established order and law through written documents. On the other hand, the Puritan society and Jamestown society differed socially due to the fact that…

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  • Differences Between The Chesapeake And The Massachusetts Colonies

    In the 1600s, England’s two most prominent colonies in the Americas were busily evolving into disparate societies with different goals and social structures, even though the people who settled Massachusetts Bay, Virginia, and their surrounding colonies all emigrated from the same country. This difference in overall development occurred due to the contrasting motives of the colonists departing for New England and the Chesapeake. The people who would become New Englanders were motivated by the…

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  • Essay On The Chesapeake Colonies

    In the late 1400s, when Christopher Columbus stumbled across North America, the world was altered. Many countries established colonies, but the only ones that stuck were the English colonies. Jamestown was first, and 12 others followed. Everyone had different reasons for migrating and the culture of these colonies showed that. Although New England and the Chesapeake region were both settled largely by people of English origin, their reasons for settling, their government structures, and their…

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