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  • The Importance Of Mindfulness In My Life

    my future, but rarely living in the present. Around twenty years of age I began a search for a way of life to help calm my wandering mind and find a focal point and bring a higher quality of life. Studying Buddhist philosophy involving mindfulness has centered my life and brought focus onto a drifting soul. Mindfulness has grounded me, and has helped me live a fuller, richer life. It is challed to bring mindfulness into daily living. Taking one’s mind out of the dark abyss of self-doubt, worries, greed, hatred and delusion takes patience and self-love. This value of mindfulness teachings over the years came while doing my first outdoor rock climb. Climbing outdoors had enough differences from my indoor climbing I needed an experienced…

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  • Touching The Void Film Analysis

    more about climbers. To start with, the journey started as a routine climb for two professional mountain climbers, but was quickly transformed into a disastrous ordeal that tested both climbers’ strength and mental fortitude. Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald created a documentary film touching the Void, which is based on a book written by Joe Simpson recapping the events of this historic climb. Upon viewing the film, I found myself not only viewing an inspiring story but being fully…

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  • Padan Park Research Paper

    Padan Park Padan Park, in Vacaville, California, is a park that offers a little something to a variety of age groups. Children under the age of two along with older children will find an area to perform activities. In fact, it is through these activities, the child is learning different skills and these skills would be accompanied with structural changes in the brain (Leversen, Haga, & Sigmundsson, 2012). The activities range from developmentally challenged children under the age of two and…

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  • The Wildest Journey

    Houlding free climbed the second step as Mallory and Irvine had done and successfully made it. According to Leo Houlding it is very possible that the Irvine and Mallory had made it free climbing (1:15:31). Mallory was the greatest climber of his day and had to scale the second step just as Anker did who is equally experienced, given that Leo someone around Irvine’s age when climbing the mountain says that it’s possible. In the article “What climbing Everest has taught me about George…

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  • Black Hill

    is the center of life, and they considered it sacred for them. Lakota people believe that "Black Hill" is the place where that has the vision, and everything comes back to life in the month of June. Therefore, they get together at the "Black Hill" in the month of June and renew their life. For Lakota people, this is their way of life, and the protection is the "Black Hill" is far more important than some economic reason. However, due to the popularization of the Devil Tower in Hollywood movies,…

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  • Erik Weihenmayer's Inspirational Journey

    The inspirational journey of Erik Weihenmayer, explains how a man without his sight, overcomes all odds in order to be the first blind climber reach the summit of Mount Everest. Weihenmayer is the author of the book, Touch The Top Of The World: A Blind Man’s Journey To Climb Farther Than The Eye Can See. In his memoir, Erik describes living with an eye disorder called retinoscheses, which ultimately left him blind by the age of thirteen. His visual impairment does not stop him from accomplishing…

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  • Anxiety Observation Report

    The first type of anxiety I felt was trait anxiety. I had never climbed before in my life prior to this class. In addition to having no prior experience with climbing I am scared of heights. I felt anxiety as soon as it was announced that we would be climbing the rock wall. I was very uneasy in the days leading up to our first climb. The second form of anxiety I felt was state anxiety. As soon as I started to climb I felt the feeling of dread rise up within me. When I first started…

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  • North Face Film Analysis

    decide to climb up the North Face. In the beginning of the climbing they are competitors. However, as the time passes on they decide to climb together because Willi get injured with his leg when he haunt during the climb and there is a storm going on when they were climbing. This events is happened at switzerland during 1936. This movie is based on a real historical events. During the movie, when the bodies of Andi, Edi, and Willi were found they were all roped together, Toni is the only one…

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  • Personal Narrative: Outward Bound

    The morning after we finished the first portion of hiking, the instructor informed us that we were going to rock climb. At first I did feel excited because it was one of the activities I really wanted to do during the trip. On the long ride to the location of where we were going to rock climb, I kept thinking how fast I was going to climb and how many times I was going to, I honestly thought I was starting to become overconfident about this activity, but I didn’t even realize that after my…

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  • Mountaineers In Lesile Stephen's The Playground Of Europe

    noon, braving wind, ice, glaciers, and the lights the Alps have to offer. Stephen compares mountain climbing as a sport to formal sports concluding that the beauty of climbing isn’t that climbers are the fittest or even the most skilled, but that climbers compete for the personal gain of summiting, and win when they complete the mission they set out to do, making hot a noble, albeit esoteric sect of athletes. No prize money or wealth drives them to compete. Stephen considers climbers humble…

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