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  • Mark Stewart's Passing Strange

    Mark Stewart’s, Passing Strange, is a semi-autobiographical rock musical that apprises the story of young man’s journey to find “the real.” In this play, Stew (Mark Stewart), tells the story of his younger self traveling from his home in Los Angeles to places such as Amsterdam and Berlin to become a great artist and musician. In this production, Stew has the conviction that “the real” cannot be obtained unless he perceives and witness’s different places from around the world. I watched a filmed version of this play on the days of Tuesday, April 11, and Thursday April 13, and after watching, I can honestly that this is the most unique musical that I have ever seen. Stewart’s production of Passing Strange deserves a detailed and comprehensive…

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  • Analysis Of The Musical Rent

    April 29th 1996, Broadway’s Nederland theatre is sold out to capacity and the audience is gritting their teeth with excitement, but an overture is nowhere to be heard, the curtains are missing and the haphazardly placed lighting rigs have not yet dimmed. All at once, the stage erupts with cast members running in-between and out of the industrial themed set, a strum of a guitar is heard and a critically acclaimed overnight sensation is born in the image of Jonathon Larson. Adapted from the…

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  • Musicking The Now Analysis

    the surface, one might not think that the great Italian opera La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi and the acclaimed indie group Dinosaur Jr. have much in common. One concert, for instance, took place in an intimate performing arts center to an attentive and quietly reverent audience while the other in a loud, rough-and-tumble rock venue to a lively and informal audience. Indeed, there may appear to be no similarities between the effortlessly skilled classical stylings of the UNT College of Music and…

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  • Seasons Of Love Play Analysis

    Rent, a rock-musical set in New York, follows seven artists working for their dreams of stardom without becoming sellouts. Originating in 1996, Rent was composed by an almost unknown composer at the time, Jonathan Larson. From small beginnings in the Off-Broadway New York Theater Workshop, Rent made its way to Broadway, and became an American hit. This hit musical was written and composed by Jonathan Larson. Living from 1960-1996, dying the morning Rent was to be performed in its first…

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  • Essay On Rock Me Amadeus

    I enjoyed many experiences on our study tour to Salzburg and Vienna, but my favorite experiences were the guided visit of the Mozart House in the Vienna City Center, the tour and concert of the Mozarteum and Mozart’s opera “La Clemenza di Tito”. I really loved the guided visit of the third Mozart house we went to, the one in Vienna. Not only did it have some really interesting Mozart stuff, but I also loved the exhibition on “Rock Me Amadeus” in the basement of the house. I loved the tour…

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  • The Role Of Richard Wagner's Music In The 21st Century

    On the other hand Nechama Rosler, a violinist of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra said Wagner’s music should not be played publically because of its association to the Holocaust and the strong emotions that it solicits. The problem with trying to separate Wagner from politics is that Wagner himself associated his works with politics. In Cosima’s Diary entry on October the 17th 1882, she writes “. . . in the evening the third act of Siegfried, well played by Herr Rubinstein, pleases both him and…

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  • Application Essay: A Career As A Musical Theatre Student

    I am a singer, composer, songwriter, and recording artist. I trained as a classical singer in San Francisco after earning my undergraduate degree and performed for two years with the Marin Opera Company. Since that time, my work has expanded. My performances and writing encompass classical art song, opera, rock, pop, oldies, jazz, and cabaret and original material in venues as divergent as CBGB to Lincoln Center. My studio work is vast, including recording and producing my own material (two…

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  • The Baroque Period

    Music from the past has had a tremendous effect on what modern music is today. This is shown through the use of word painting and dynamics in the Renaissance period, instruments and Operas in the Baroque Period, primary triads and homophonic compositions in the Classical Period and finally, the utilisation of tone poems and heartfelt passion in the Romantic Period. If it wasn’t for these periods, music would not have evolved in such a immense and progressive way. The Renaissance Period which…

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  • Musical Taste Essay

    Does this mean that musical tastes are purely an individual concept like Glevarec and Pinet suggest or are created by social circumstances? Theodor Aderno (Frankfurt School of theory) believe that our musical taste is purely social due to the industry creating a sense of need within the audience. `Modern Capital is burdened by the problem of overproduction markets can only be stimulated by creating needs`. With the overproduction of music it is creating a uniform into what music should sound…

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  • Aesthetics: The Artistic Impulse

    CORE 105 Aesthetics: The Artistic Impulse Study Guide Chapter Four: Music and Opera CLASSICAL FORMS • List and describe in complete detail the classical forms listed in Chapter Four for classical vocal music? List examples from the text (composers and works). 1. The first classical form of classical vocal music is mass. It is a sacred choral composition consisting of five sections: Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus and Agnus Dei. These form parts of the mass ordinary- the Roman Catholic church…

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